Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brown-eyed Girls

As a teenager I had a vision of who I was going to marry and what my kids would look like. Don't we all? I imagined myself marrying someone tall, dark and handsome and having lots of blue-eyed boys. The first half came true. As for the second half, I have one boy (still can't tell you what his eye color is) and three brown-eyed girls. I grew up in a family of six blue-eyed kids and we received lots of attention for our eye color. I remember one time in particular when we were summoned by the neighbor to come over so that a visiting grandma could ooo and aah over our eye color. I felt it was really important that I pass this trait along. When my first girl was born, I convinced myself for almost a year that her eyes were blue-they did start blue. My brother still likes to look at her very brown eyes and tease me about how blue they are. I didn't even question the color of the second girl, her eyes turned dark brown very quickly, but found myself on the third trying to convince myself once again that I had passed along the recessive blue gene. It's taken almost nine months but I realize I have yet another brown-eyed girl. Here's the best part. I wouldn't want it any other way!! I love looking at their different shades of brown and how beautiful each girl is and just feel so stinken' blessed! And even though I didn't get my handful of blue-eyed boys, I have my one strapping son and I love him to pieces. Just goes to show you that life doesn't always turn out the way you planned it-it turns out even better than you could have imagined. With that, I'm excited to blog about both the brown and the blue-eyed members of the family and to share with you all the little miracles we experience in our lives. Here's to you Steph!


Stephanie said...

YEAH! I am the first to comment on this much anticipated blog. Now the only problem is I'll be constantly bugging you to update it. I love those pictures of the kiddies. Mostly because of the awesome poses! Thanks to Abbie. And let's just put it this way, you have the best of both worlds. I on the other hand will never have a brown eyed girl. Hopefully! he he : )

JackieSue said...

ADORABLE!! I have to say those Raddatz blue eyes are amazing. In fact, I just left a comment on Stephs blog about Heathers eyes, but anyhow your children are beautiful and their brown eyes are as well! I thought blue was dominant??? Well I always thought brown was until someone told me blue is. Wierd! Although I have brown eyes and everyone else in my families are blue. (mail mans kid)!

Mahina said...

happy to read your blog!

i had the same dream of blue eyed babies, but didn't think it would ever happen for me! mitch does have beautiful blue eyes, so there is a slight chance we could have a blue-eyed boy (my mom has green eyes, so i do have a recessive gene somewhere in me, right!!). but first we would actually have to have a boy!!