Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Angels

It snowed! Maybe not like other places know snow but we are happy with whatever we can get. The kids got all bundled and headed out to see what fun things they could do. Emily laid down in the middle of the road to make her snow angel.

The kids used the neighbors hill for sledding. It worked great and I could go out while Holly napped inside.

Abbie managed to make a small snowman in the back. The snow was mostly gone by the afternoon but we enjoyed it for the few hours that we had it. And yes, Emily was having a fun time despite the look on her face!


Stephanie said...

That's way more fun than we had. I'm coming over next time!

mirm said...

Yeah it looks like your lacking in about oh, 10" we would be more than happy to ship some your way. Love that your blogging now!

hedrad said...

Happy memories. Will you have Emily put 10 bells in her leotard again, take a picture of her in the corner, and then blog about it. Yeah, that would be awesome.

brenda said...

I love you, Emma! LOVE that frown.