Monday, January 28, 2008


Thanks to Steph we got to party all weekend long. I'm sure she'll fill us in on all the details of what we did so I am going to let the world know why I've loved having Stephanie around for 26 years. As a little six-year old I still remember the phone call letting us know that we had a sister. I was thrilled. I cherished her as a baby. Heather and I would fight over who got to get her out of her crib after her naps and as she got older we fought over which one of us she liked best. I almost always won. I'm glad she's forgiven us for always leaving her at home while we went "to a party". The truth is we were probably just headed to YW or piano. She has also forgiven us (I think) for teasing her every time she brought out the bassoon. It really was a little painful to listen to but that's no excuse. Sorry Steph.

Once I was out of the home I loved having Steph come live with me for part of the summer. I was amazed at how many hours that girl could sleep! I was so spoiled the summer I had Connor. She would wake up with Abbie, feed her, bathe her and dress her. By then I was well rested and we would swap. She would go back to sleep for awhile and then go to work at Coldstone. We ate Coldstone ice cream almost every night that summer. That must be when the ice cream addiction started! The summer Jake and Steph got engage was the trickiest. I was way too young to play parent to an engaged girl! It makes me nervous for when it's my own daughter. I did love going to parks and writing out everything we would need to do to pull off the perfect wedding for her. We did awesome thanks to lots of help from friends and family! And we loved having Jake join the family. I wanted her to marry him the first time I met him.

I am cherishing these years that we get to live so close to each other. How lucky! It's so fun to be mom's together. It's fun to get to know the adult Steph. For a long time we would tease her about being pregnant as a teenager. She wasn't of course but none of her siblings would accept that our baby sister was old enough to have a baby of her own! Now I watch her love her two very busy and adorable children. I love being part of their lives.

Thanks Steph for adding so much to the past 26 years of my life. I love ya!


Stephanie said...

I love you too!

hedrad said...

Wow, that was super sweet. Wondering why I didn't get one of those for my birthday. Maybe next year???? :)

brenda said...

Hurray for Stephanie! What a sweet tribute, Heidi. It's inspirational. I've been mentally composing things like that about my siblings, but I just let two birthdays pass without doing it!

Poulsen Central said...

You are the greatest sister ever!