Monday, January 28, 2008

Teeny-tiny Miracles

I've held a lot of newborn babies in my life but every time I hold one I am in awe. Talk about a miracle! They are so precious. Robin Barker, who has been one of my dearest friends for close to 20 years, had Sydney Ruth on January 24th. We enjoyed having 1-year-old Talmage stay with us for part of the time they were in the hospital. I love that we live close enough to share these special times together. LYLAS!


Stephanie said...

That's a cute picture. And what is LYLAS? I feel so out of the loop. We need to get Robin started on her blog again.

Robin said...

LYLAS, too, Heid. In fact, I think I LYFLAF (F=family). If we start blogging back and forth, it'll be like the Letter Years again!