Monday, February 4, 2008

3Trips to the ER in 3 Days

Rick and I made our first trip as a married couple to the ER. We had so much fun we decided to do it again the next 2 days! Here's the story. Within the last few weeks all of my kids have had that yucky stomach virus. Abbie, Connor and Emily had already had different variations of it and starting on Tuesday Holly was filling her diaper more than usual and had a low fever. By Wednesday night she was throwing up and by Thursday night she had a high fever and looked miserable. She woke up during the night and our thermometer read 105 and I started to wonder how high a fever has to get before the body just shuts down all together. We called the advice nurse and they said to take her to the ER right away. That didn't sound fun to me so I asked if we could wait it out till morning. She said we should bring her in immediately. So we did. Heather was our angel, as always, and came right over at 1:00 in the morning and slept at our home while Rick and I took Holly in. I was so grateful to have Rick there. I don't do these things well on my own.

We got right in and the doctor was very thorough. He did blood work, chest x-rays, urine samples and had the nurse attempt to get an IV in her to give her fluids. Holly hadn't kept anything down for a few days and they were concerned she was dehydrated. After 3 very stressful, sad attempts they gave up on giving her an IV and have her an anti-nausea pill instead and then a few ounces of pedialyte. They thought she should feel much better and sent us on our way. I didn't think we had accomplished much. They just told us what we already knew, that she had a stomach virus. We went about the next day as normal and didn't tell anyone about our crazy evening because at the time it really wasn't a big deal and I assumed life would be back to normal.

However, Holly continued to have a fever and continued to vomit. Holly's doctor was good to keep in touch and by Saturday morning when she still couldn't keep anything down and wasn't having any wet diapers she insisted that we bring her in again. This time they went straight for her scalp to put the IV in. The nurse did an awesome job. It was fast and they were able to start getting fluids into her very dehydrated body. We were there from 11 am-5 pm and then sent home again with the promise that she should be feeling better but if she threw up again that we were to bring her back. Here's a pic of her after we got home. You can see where the IV had been in her head. She was even more miserable then she looks. She hadn't smiled for days.
We assumed we were in the clear this time but by that night she had thrown everything up once again. The doctor told us we should come in again but I was so sick of going and coming home that we asked if we could just wait it out during the night so that we could all get some sleep. She slept great but threw up as soon as she woke up and we knew we needed to take her in. As with the other two times they got us right in and did what they could to help her. This time around they tried three times to get the IV in and failed each time. She was dehydrated so her veins were smaller, plus each time they tried a vein it made it so the vein couldn't be used again. Their options were being limited. It didn't help that she has such a chubby body, making it hard to get to the veins.

They admitted us this time around and took us to the pediatric floor. The nurses there took her to a special room with lights that would help them find the vein. I couldn't handle being in there watching them poke at her. Unfortunately the room was across the hall so I could hear scream for the 15-20 minutes they tried to find a vein. They came out of the room without an IV in her.
They tried again about an hour later. By this time I had been at the hospital for almost 5 hours. Rick was at home with the kids. I was worried about her not having an fluids in her. I had tried nursing her at one point but she threw it all up an hour later.

They took her to the special IV room one more time and were finally able to get the IV in her scalp once again. As much as I hated seeing the IV in her it was such a relief knowing they wouldn't have to torture her anymore and that she would finally be getting fluids in.
Luckily she didn't grab at it too much but it did stress me out a bit. Her little 1-year-old cousin Sage was disturbed by it the most. When she first saw her she kept patting her own head. It was almost like she was aware that her little cousin was in pain and it was her way of sympathizing. Very cute.

Holly continued to be miserable and didn't show much improvement. However, she hadn't thrown up for awhile and was having some wet diapers.

We both slept fairly well and Holly continued to recover. By the time Steph brought Emily, Jaxon and Sage to visit the next morning she was on the mend. I think she was glad to have the two little clowns to entertain her.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to finally see her smile again and was happy to bring her home. Let's hope we don't have to make yet another trip to the ER!

I always wondered what it would be like to bring my child to the ER. I imagined a lot more blood or a broken bone at least. More than anything I was so grateful for hospitals to help take care of my little baby. I spent the majority of the time reading the book "Three Cups of Tea". It's about a man who helped remote villages in Pakistan. In one village only 1 in 3 children made it past their 2nd birthday. Who knows what would have happened if I wasn't able to get Holly the help she needed. What a blessing! It also made me grateful for the health we enjoy. I hurt for those moms out there who deal with much more serious issues. What a hard thing to see your child suffer.
You would have to rely so heavily on the Lord to make it through.

Thanks to everyone who helped out-especially my awesome sisters who spent many hours with my kids and thanks to my hubby who is an amazing support. You guys are the best


hedrad said...

So happy that she's home and feeling better. Can't wait to see that little smile of hers. It will be so nice to have her back.

Mrs.Misses said...

Yeah!!! There you are! It's Allison (Green) Moschetti! I'm so glad to see you (in pictures) and now can't wait to catch up on your life.
I am so sad as I read this story, though, because I have had sick kids for the past three weeks. I swear there is nothing worse than seeing your precious child not feeling well. I'm glad to hear things are on the up and up (and no more IVs in the head!). Keep in touch!

Mark said...

Wow- I think Mikalann has that same thing right now. She probably only slept one hour last night. I'm glad to hear that it does go away!

Stacie said...

WOW! I am so sorry to hear all this. I hope Holly and the family can get through this. We haven't gotten sick like this since November. Knock on wood. Holly is sure cute though. She has grown so much. I can't wait to see her.

mirm said...

Holy Holly. You have had a crazy week. I can totally understand what you went through. We had Josh and Zach in the hospital for a week each at a week apart. There is such a thing called sleep deprivation!!! I don't miss those younger kid years for that reason. Love ya lots. Give her kisses and hugs from her Aunt Mirm and Uncle John.

Stephanie said...

Why does everyone in the family comment on your blog and not mine? Very interesting.

brenda said...

Those first pictures do NOT even look like her!

We're so glad you all are through with that ordeal.

Lisa said...

It's so hard to see your little baby go through something like that. And stressful on the family too. I'm so glad you have wonderful sisters to lend their support. And Holly looks much better in that last pic. Take care and I hope to catch up with you soon!
Dinner at our house this week?

brenda said...

Time for a new post, Heid!