Monday, February 25, 2008

Avoiding the Appearance of Evil--Oops!

We broke the rules and had an awesome Casino Night! Can you think of a better way to celebrate a 30th birthday! Jake invited all of his dentist buddies and wives and Steph pulled off an awesome party. She did all the decorations and party planning. I just made sure my house was clean.
Emily even got dressed up for the big party-then we sent her and her siblings into the bedroom to watch a movie.
Not really sure what these guys are playing but I know it involved betting and I'm sure they are having fun. No worries, noone had to shell out any money. We stuck to chips.
Steph even rented a Roulette wheel. How fun is that?

Jaxon joined in on craps. He had as much fun as the adults.
Wouldn't be a perfect casino party without the "beer".
Here's the happy couple that made it all possible. Notice the cute decoration hanging from the ceiling. They were all over.
Happy Birthday Jake! Thanks for the fun weekend.
Bud-it made me excited for another poker night. Those were fun times!


brenda said...

I love that post juxtaposed with the picture of Greg Mortensen and the humble children of Pakistan.

Sounds like a blast. And is it just me or are dental students cute? They look 14, but cute.

Stephanie said...

Yeah for awesome parties! And yeah that they are over for awhile!

hedrad said...

Thank goodness for the opportunity to analyze. That's the best part of having a party.

mirm said...

I can't even believe my eyes. Heidi moving over to the dark side. Feels pretty good Huh!!!!