Monday, February 18, 2008

Catching Up on Fun

I have to blog about the fun things we did the past week-mostly because I have such cute pics to go along with it. We loved eating candy on Valentines and had a surprise fancy dinner for Heather when she showed up to watch the kids. Each of the kids gave her a few flowers and told her why they love her. Abbie and Connor were excellent servers for dinner. Steph and I dressed exactly the same that day but didn't even plan it. We must think alike!

The next day I went with Abbie on a field trip to OMSI. It was my very first time and I loved it! Doesn't she look cute in those glasses!

I love the pic on the right with the thought bubble coming out of her head. What do you think she was thinking?

On Saturday Uncle Jake took us fishing at Hornings Hideout. Lots of fun and lots of fish. Connor caught his first fish and Holly took her first ride on a swing. Thanks Jake!


Stephanie said...

Too many fun things! How am I possibly going to fit it all in a DVD this year? That picture of us is really cute. Can I just say that? And I love all the OMSI pictures with Abbie. How fun!

Danielle said...

cute blog heidi! what a great mom you are to your kids. i will add you to my list of blogs to check.

hedrad said...

Life is good.

brenda said...

What is that green stuff on Em's tongue? Yikes.

You and Holly on the swing, that needs to be framed.

I'm so jealous of photogenic people. Whenever I see a picture of myself I have to do affirmations to convince myself: "I look good in person. People like me. I am a winner!!!"

mirm said...

Oh so is that what grass looks like? I would have no idea!!! And the snow is now all yellow thanks to the neighbors dog so I would say I'm pretty much done with the winter. Makes me spring envy.

*Lisa* said...

So so cute! Love the pic with all the kids and Heather, love that they served dinner. Heather is one lucky auntie!