Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 1-Easter on the Road

We set off for Utah bright and early on Saturday morning. We were sad to miss out on all the easter egg hunts in our neighborhood so we found our own instead. I looked online to find out when different towns along the way would be having easter egg hunts. I found out that most of the towns would be having hunts at 10:00 so it just depended on where we were at that time. We ended up getting off the exit to La Grande just minutes before ten. We pulled into a gas station, got some direction to the park, and raced to make it on time. If your late for an egg hunt your pretty much out of luck. We made it just in time and all three kids got to participate in their different age groups. Abbie got the most and was the happiest to take part in the crazy fun. The other two weren't as excited by it all. I guess it was a little weird for them. We were racing to get there, it was a place and people they didn't know and the candy just wasn't luring enough.
Heather broke the rules by helping Emily out. Emily just stood there looking confused and scared so after collecting just a few eggs she was happy to be done.
I had to bribe Connor with computer time so that we would go on his egg hunt. I know it's weird to bribe your child with more computer time just so he'll go out and collect candy that isn't even good for him! I knew he'd be glad he did, and he was. Even if they were a little tentative at first, the kids were all happy to get out of the car for a while and run around.

We were nervous that the Easter Bunny would visit our house even though we weren't there. The kids were very excited when they got into the car after lunch at McDonalds and saw that the Easter Bunny had found our car and left baskets! That Easter Bunny is pretty smart. Even Holly was excited about her little lamb from the Easter Bunny.
The rest of the drive down was pretty uneventful. But this was my favorite pic from the day. Here's how Heather decided to travel. Driving with four kids and three adults in a van for 12 hours can be a little much. She coped by hiding out under the blanket to watch a movie. Whatever works!


brenda said...

Forget chocolate bunnies, I could take a bite out of Holly! We're glad you're back! Let's get together soon.

Stephanie said...

Ya, that picture of Holly is pretty stinking cute. I love that you were SO excited to find an easter egg hunt, and your kids were not. Isn't that a little backwards? That's fun that the baskets were on they're seats. That's why I love the Easter bunny. Heather is a weirdo

hedrad said...

There's nothing like getting off the freeway in some random town on a twelve hour drive for an easter egg hunt where you have to force a kid to put candy filled eggs in a bag because you know they're going to love it. It's all about the memories. They'll never forget it and it will make us smile every time we think about it. Thanks for making life so much sweeter for all of us.

Tonya said...

I love that picture of Holly! So cute:0) Glad you had a fun time in Utah. I am amazed at your persistence in locating all the easter egg hunts you could possibly hit. Wow! We probably would have popped in some Peter Cottontail movie and called it good:0)(Is that even a movie?). Welcome home!

Breezy said...

I love that you did a hunt on the way! What great parents (even if your kids didn't appreciate it right then, they will). Holly is always smiling and so photogenic. Look forward to more pics. Send me the copies of backpacking.


Tami said...

So the picture of Holly is pretty cute, but that one of Heather... Now that is something!
I though you said that you were just bringing her along to babysit. It hope you didn't pay her very much.
I'm excited to hear more about your trip.
Glad your home.
P.S. I updated my blog.

hedrad said...

Second day back from vacation...and no day 2 update. It's not like you've been busy or anything. I'll just keep checking.