Monday, March 17, 2008


I love Abbie's style. Most of the time she puts on whatever she happens to grab out of the drawer. Occasionally I'll have her change her clothes but she is mainly in charge of her fashion. She's the kind of girl that wants nothing down with her hair, ever, and wanted it cut to her ears. The majority of the time, she could care less what she has on. But there are those times when it really, really matters. Today was one of those days. Everything green was pulled out of the drawers to celebrate St. Patty's Day and to ensure that she would be free of pinches. I cringed when she put the bright green jacket on and suggested that maybe it just didn't work with the outfit. But it was green and it had to be worn. She compromised by putting it around her waist. At one point she had a white shirt under her green sweater. She wasn't satisfied and found a shirt that worked even better. The other time when it really, really mattered what she wore for the day, was on pocket day. That girl found whatever she could to guarantee that she would have more pockets than anyone in the class. The outfit was awesome-I wish I had a picture. It required wearing the super tight jeans that were a few sizes too small. But they had the most pockets! All that work and she ended up being a few pockets shy of winning the pocket competition. No wonder when we went shopping a few weeks later she put worldly fashion aside and was on the quest for pants and shirts with pockets. What more does a girl need? I love how little she cares, even if the outfits are a bit painful at times, and hope we can make it through the teenage years being satisfied with holiday colors and pockets. Do you think there's any chance?


Tonya said...

I love that story:0) Sophia decided it wasn't important to wear green because Ms. Kidwell informed all the kids that there would be no pinching. What fun is St. Patrick's day with no pinching??? I'll get her when she comes home from school:0)

Tami said...

Thanks for the laugh. We love our little Abbie and her great personality. I think the outfit is perfect!

Tami and Spiderman (Anders)

brenda said...

Sam was running out the door when I tried to get him to put something green on. He didn't want to be late but was safe in his story that he was wearing green underpants. Apparently no one called him on it and he survived the day pinch free.

I love Abbie. You wouldn't want her any other way.

hedrad said...

It's all about priorities.