Friday, March 7, 2008

Growing Up

You know your kids are growing up when they can tag along with you on the things you love to do. It opens up a whole new world of activities you can do with them. Heather and I took Abbie and Connor and friend Maddie with us on a cross-country ski trip and had a great time! Of course they wanted to spend lots of time resting and eating but that was ok with me. Our surroundings were beautiful.

The only miserable part was the 30 minute climb to the cars. It seemed like the hill was never going to end. This is a pic of Connor trying to recover from it. He was sure he wasn't going to make it.

And here's superwoman Heather carrying four set of skiis and poles to the car. Not sure what she was trying to prove but I was fine to carry my skiis and to take pics of her carrying everyone elses!

The whole trip made me very excited for the fun things I'll be able to do with my kids. It will be nice when one of them is having a hard time. We can run away to the mountain and try to make some sense of this crazy world.


brenda said...

You are a super-star mom! I tell ya though, it was fun to go without kids, and even better knowing they were having fun with you. And even better coming home to a birthday pie! You are the best, Heidi!

Miriam said...

You always seem to capture Heather either doing the heavy labor tasks, or dishes..... Usually dishes. She really didn't know what she was getting into with the whole "I'll do the dishes thing." Sure did love that picture of Connor! I'd be right there with him. Bet they slept great that night. You have trooper kids.

Tonya said...

Making memories with the kids is the best! I can't wait to try out cross-country skiing again. I haven't done it since I was 18. Next year for sure:0) The picture of Connor cracks me up!