Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hooray for Wednesdays!

I've never been a big Wednesday person. In fact, I usually feel like I'm in survival mode from Monday to Thursday and then I cherish the weekends! That, my friends, has all changed. Wednesdays have become my very favorite days and I'm am using my blog to tell you why. This past Wednesday I put the camera in my purse so I could document the day.

I get Abbie and Connor off to school and then usually go for my morning run. I always love my runs. Then I come home and actually have more than 15 minutes before I have to rush out the door again-like every other day of the week. We are home from running by 9 and don't leave again until 10:30. It's nice to have that time to actually get ready for the day instead of racing around. Our first stop is gymnastics for Emily. Both Emily and I love this part of the week. She has so much fun and I have just as much fun watching her. I only get to watch through the windows but I'm ok with that. Sometimes I just sit outside the room and read a book. It's nice down time. After gym we drive about 15 minutes to meet Rick for lunch. Yeah!!! Rick works on 21st street in downtown Portland. There are many, many restaurants within 5 minutes of his work. When he got the job there we decided that we were going to take advantage of his location and have some fun. So every week we pick a new place (Rick keeps trying to pick old places that we love but I won't let him). So far we have had Italian, Japanese, Korean (only one I haven't liked so far), French, Vietnamese, yummy desserts, crepes and resturaunt named Elephants which was a combination of everything. So fun! If you have any great recomendations please let me know!
We bring Em and Holly along and they only add to the fun. Emily always packs a lunch and knows the drill. As soon as we get to the restaurant she pulls out all of her stuff and begins talking us into letting her eat dessert first. Occasionally she'll try our food but she's mostly content with her PB&J.

Rick and I love this time together. It's a guaranteed date every week. Let me know if you think my hair is too long-I think I'm ready to cut it!
After our Korean food we needed a little something else (remember how it's been my least favorite) so we hung out in the comfy chairs at Starbucks and drank hot chocolate and ate a yummy brownie.
Emily was having fun sitting in her princess pose getting her picture taken.
Emily is always worn out from her morning of fun and takes a nap in the car. We get home in time to pick the kids up from school and then spend the afternoon getting jobs done so we can head out for our next adventure!
Ice Skating! The kids decided they wanted to take ice skating lessons. It's a 6-week course and has been so fun. For them anyway. Emily and I freeze as we sit in the bleachers. We bring blankets so it isn't too bad.
They both have made huge improvments and will be sad to see it end. Here's the only sad part about Wednesdays. Poor Holly spends the majority of the day stuck in her carseat. I drag her from one place to the next and she has to sneak a nap in whenever she can. But look at that face. She doesn't seem to mind. It helped that I was giving her one grahm cracker after another.
After ice skating we have dinner, finish up jobs, and put the kids to bed. Rick has scouts that night which means I have to stay home (that's a very good thing. Most nights I'm gone doing RS stuff). I end the day reading a good book and looking forward to doing it all again. Hooray for Wednesdays!!!


Stephanie said...

What a perfect day to love. Right in the middle of the week. Maybe someday you should let me tag along on the fun. Maybe?

brenda said...

FUN! Where do you go iceskating? Syd and Sam would love that. Syd and Katie are doing rollerskating on Wednesday mornings, which is just hilarious fun.

Virgo and Pisces--they have lots of food, but crepes on the dessert menu. It's on 21st I'm pretty sure. Mike and I actually went there last week. And loved it. Reasonable prices. There is a bar entrance, and a restaurant entrance.

Miriam said...

Why don't you try Los Hermanos? I'm sure it's on 21st. OH No, my mistake it's on state street in UTAH!!!!!! So Sad for you! Can't wait for you to come down so we have an excuse to make it there though!

Danielle said...

how fun! lunch is so much more fun when you get to get out of your normal routine. Emily is too cute in her poses!

Breezy said...

I agree this can get addicting. Your casino night made me sooo homesick. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Tonya Gold said...

Who wouldn't want to love hump day???I'm still a sucker for Friday's and Saturday's. I also agree with you that blogging is much more fun than laundry. Laundry-shmaundry. Who needs it??? Though I better get on the ball today and get caught up:0)