Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Touch

My sisters both told me they were sick of looking at the kite picture. I can't understand why. I think it's a very happy, fun picture. I can't imagine there as sick of it as I am of looking at Heather's New Year's Eve pictures. Are we all in agreement that it's time for her to add something else!

I've had thoughts floating through my head the past week that I've wanted to share on my blog but haven't made the time to do so. Now that I know that the cuteness of the kites is wearing off, I'm making the time to share my thoughts.

I had the opportunity of talking at enrichment this past week. We were celebrating the RS birthday and a few of us shared how women in the church, our lives, the scriptures have blessed us. I was grateful for what others shared and so impressed by the impact we as women can have in this life.

I talked about the woman in the New Testament who suffered from an issue of blood. She's the one who fought her way through the crowd to touch her Savior's robes. Because of her faith she was made whole. Her account only takes up about 6 verses but the message from it is so powerful. It is a reminder for us to push through whatever it is that stands in the way of our Savior, to reach out to Him, and to let Him heal us. I love this quote by Elder Ballard and the hope that it offers.

“If our faith is anchored securely in our testimonies of Christ, we will be able to cope with whatever adversity comes our way, and we will be able to do so in a positive, faith-promoting manner. If we keep the eye of faith focused on Christ, we gain a broader view and an eternal perspective, and with that we can understand adversity from within the context of Heavenly Father’s eternal plan for all of His children. And we can find comfort in this life in the safety, peace, joy and security that He promises”
I have been so touched this week by a family who lost their 16-year old boy. He died trying to save an 11-year old who was drowning in the ocean. I have never met the family. They are in the neighboring ward, where my sister and some dear friends go. Through them I have learned that this family is using the healing power of Christ to help them through a trial that would otherwise be unbearable. They recognize the tender mercies they have been blessed with since their son died. They are reaching out to Him and letting Him heal their hearts.
It gives me hope to know that when things get too hard, which they do and will, I can reach out to my Savior and be healed. Life is not easy but with Christ's healing power we can do it!


Stacie Raddatz said...

My monkeys (Mia and Luke) are hanging on me right now as we look through your blog. We love all the pictures. And I loved this message you give of pursuing Christ.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the message. There is a little book of memories being made of Ross and they are adding blog posts. How would you feel about adding yours? I think it would be very appropriate. Let me know.

Danielle said...

i am so sad i missed enrichment night and your talk. it is amazing how this young man has touched so many people lives and how his family, their love and example of the gospel will truly be a light to all those they come in contact with. i am so grateful to be a member of our church and to know that we can be healed and comforted by our Savior.

brenda said...

That was beautiful, Heidi. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could have been at your HFPE.

Tonya said...

I hadn't been to enrichment night in quite awhile and was sooooo happy I decided to go. I needed the uplifting, inspiring messages that were given. Thank you for taking part in it and helping my testimony to grow:0)