Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 3-Favorite Things

Part of the fun of our Utah trips is that we get to do some of the things we loved when we lived there. We spent Monday doing a few of these things. Of course a drive up the canyon was one of them. I love Utah's mountains!It was so fun to only drive 20 minutes and to be playing the the snow. We weren't well equiped for snow but it was a warm, beautiful day and we didn't stay too long. Just long enough to take in the beauty of it all.
Mount Timpanogas! I've lost track of how many times I've hiked it. I love this mountain. It's always so good to see it again. I tell the kids that it's my mountain. The fun thing is-they probably believe me! They all know that one day they will stand on the top of it. After hanging out on the mountain we took the kids to a park in the canyon. Such a pretty day.
Rick and I love and miss the grocery store Macey's. We took the kids there to get King Kone Cones. Of course they loved it. We also bought flowers for my mom's grave and took them to the cemetary.
The unphotagraphed events of the day were a trip to Los Hermanos and a visit to John and Miriams. Los Hermanos is one of those Utah things that we do every time we are there. Rick loves the food and I love the memories. John, Miriam, Mark, Mikelann, and Heather joined us. Thanks to cousin Aaron who babysat the kids! We loved hanging out at John and Mirm's after dinner and learned a new game with Mark. He's good at finding fun games.
When we finally made it back to Rick's parents and got the kids to bed, Rick and I made time for a movie. I thought I'd watch movies and read books all week long. That ended up being the only movie (Dan in Real Life-I liked it) and I only had time to read a few pages from my book. It was a busy, fun vacation.


Stephanie said...

Wow, you are almost making me miss Utah. I never really thought of there being 'Utah' things, but there really are. Macy's, King Kong Cone, mountains, snow, the grave, Los Hermanos. You're kids will have SUCH fond memories of all of that. Just like the beach and boogie boarding and the hot tub in California are for us. That's awesome! I loved that movie too. I actually have it and was going to make you borrow it. It's a good thing I can just type all this, because I am way to exhausted to talk to you right now!

Tonya said...

I lived in Utah until I was 8 and was soooo sad when we moved away. I love to visit all my family there when we get the chance. It cracked me up that you told your kids that Mt. Timpanogas was your mountain. My Dad used to love to watch car races on t.v. when we were growing up. He had me totally convinced that he was a famous race car driver. I'm scarred for life:0)

hedrad said...

Kind of sad I missed out on the King Kong Kone outing. I'll be sure to let your kids know that Mt Timp is MY mountain. Abbie won't like that.

Miriam said...

Good job, You didn't leave out anything!! Aaron will be happy to know that he made it on someone's blog. Los Hermanos was fun. Why didn't we take a camera? If Stephanie was there she would of pulled it out of her velcro attachment that she has. And then watching Mark in so much agony after eating IT ALL that's what it's all about!!!

Elisabeth said...

I promise I'm not stalking you lol! I read a comment on Dale sister's blog (you know Allison)it was from Stephanie, which led me to here to your blog. So fun to read your blog! It makes me think back to when we were was so good to go to lunch with you and Heather. Your kids are beautiful.