Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 4-Julie Beck

I've been so excited to write about day 4! I'll start with the best part but I have to preface it with a sad story. Stacie's (sister-in-law) next door neighbor had a daughter who passed away just a few days before we came. The 5-year old girl had been diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago and fought it as long as she could. She was one of Mia's (Stacie's daughter) good friends. Stacie was asked to sing a solo at the funeral and Michael accompanied her. I talked to her right before the funeral. She was SO nervous to sing at such an emotional meeting. The little girl's grandpa had been a general authority. Elder Holland spoke at the funeral and other general authorities were there as well. We went to Stacie's that afternoon to hang out (Rick was golfing with Mark and Mike). I was touched by the pink balloons that lined the streets and the pink bows tied to the little girls house. The parents had asked that everyone wear pink because it was Ashley's favorite color. I had Stacie give me a play by play of the funeral. The parents both spoke and helped those attending feel the spirit. An emotional day for all involved!

What does this all have to do with Day 4? The boys were still golfing, it was 7:00 at night, we were watching American Idol, the kids were in the backyard playing and there was a knock at the door. Stacie answered and there was Sister Julie Beck-general Relief Society president. What a treat for us! She had only heard that day of the little girls passing and had made a special trip to deliver a letter to the family. She didn't know them personally but knew the grandpa. When noone answered at the home Sis Beck decided to leave the letters at the next door neighbors home. We were the lucky ones. Stacie was good to invite her in and she spent about 15 minutes talking with us.

Sis. Beck saw that we were young, very normal mothers. We shared with her our gratitude for all she has taught us through various meetings. I was relieved to hear that even Sis. Beck gets overwhelmed with such tasks and is just glad that she is able to do a bit of good. It makes me wonder if she really knows the magnitude of good she does for the sisters of the church. At one point, as we were trying to keep kids under control and attempting to feed them, she said, "We need more women like you in the church." I was touched to know that what I was doing was of worth and that she was able to recognize that. And we weren't doing anything extraordinary. Just being moms. She told us she realized what a challenge it can be as mothers but how important it is.

About 10 mintues into the conversation I realized that Heather was hiding out in the back room and must not realize who we were visiting with. I went to get her and she immediately joined us. She gave Sis. Beck a hug and thanked her for her great example. Sis. Beck looked at the three of us and said, "You are beautiful women." The best part was that she was seeing more than our outward appearance. She recognized that we were women who were trying to follow Christ and she saw the beauty that comes from that. I later thought of all my dear friends and knew she would say the same to them. We do have a beauty that comes from trying to live the gospel!

As Sis. Beck left she told us she had already been "working" 12 hours that day. It was 7:00 pm and I was impressed that after putting a full days work in she was still willing to take the time to stop by this family she didn't even know and give them her love. It helped me realize that we need to go the extra mile whenever we can.

I was amazed by the lessons I learned in the 15 min. conversation. I recognize that it is because she is the Lord's servant. She is acting and serving as He would do. I was grateful to have been the recipient of that service.

Other highlights of the day: Hanging out with Aunt Darleen (my autistic Aunt whom I love dearly), eating lunch at Kneaders-another Utah favorite, buying a new super cute dress, and being with cousins. What a perfect day.

Is there a limit on how long a post should be? If so, I'm sure I've exceeded it. Good night!


hedrad said...

As this wonderful conference weekend ends, I feel overwhelmed by the incredible leaders we have in this church. I am grateful for their dedication to the gospel and their desire to help us be better. They have an incredible ability to help us feel the love of the Lord both in person and from a distance. Julie Beck was a tender mercy that I will never forget.

Danielle said...

what a wonderful experience. it's always nice to hear from others that you are doing a good job--which you definitely are!

Tonya said...

Wow! You guys are quite the adventurous girls! I laughed when I read about Heather's pee experience:0) I can't believe Julie Beck showed up at your doorstep. What a cool thing to have happen. And to be complimented so highly by her! The neat thing is is that she is just a normal girl, just like us, so she can relate to all the things we go through. Even when we're just trying to get our kids to settle down and eat their dinner:0)

Stephanie said...

From now on when I'm sitting around board out of my goard and loosing patience with my kids, I will think of Julie Beck, and know that at least she knows it's hard to sit around!

Oberg Family said...

I'm SOOOOOO jealous! What a wonderful opportunity for you to have...and what a great way to have all the hard work you do be validated - through the Spirit!