Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 5 & 6-Snails and Adventures

Are you wondering what Snails and Adventures means? So were Heather and I as we ventured out into the beautiful canyons of southern Utah. Tuesday night, after our visit with Sis. Beck, we met up with good friend Breezy and headed to southern Utah. We got to her parent's summer home in Boulder UT at 1:00 a.m., had a quick midnight snack, and got some sleep. We were up early the next morning and ready to experience a Bigler style Snails and Adventures. You look at a map, find a canyon, and wish for the best. Breezy had never been down this particular canyon but had been told it was a good hike. Heather and I were a bit apprehensive. Don't get me wrong-we trust Breezy. She has been doing this for years. Our style is just different. We were used to hiking on a trail, with a guidebook in hand. We quickly realized the fun of a S & A. It was amazing hiking where few people had hiked, fun to maneuver our way into the canyon when the path we had been taking suddenly dropped off, and amazing to think of the vastness of the canyons. So for hours, we had our little adventure. We even discovered an Indian ruin complete with pottery shards and corn husks. Breezy informed us that it had been used as a granary. That girl knows her stuff!

We ate our lunch in the warm southern Utah sun and continued hiking for a few more hours. It was about this time that Heather and I started yearning for our guide books that we were used to. Our water was disappearing too quickly and the canyon we were supposed to make it to, where we would have a new supply of water, was nowhere to be seen. Our brother had once been stranded alone in this same area with no water and suffered from heat stroke. Heather and I were letting that experience make us nervous and were losing our ability to appreciate a S & A. So we all put in our votes and made a decision that we better head back in the direction of the cars. Poor Breezy was, of course, outnumbered. And continued to be outnumbered with other decisions we would make. She was a good sport.

We hiked back the direction we came and by 6:00 we were ready to be done. We took off our packs that we had been hiking with for almost 8 hours and were so happy just to lounge around our campsite. Breezy made a campfire, something we had never done backpacking in southern Utah, and we sat around it as we ate and talked. The stars came out as the sun went down. It is always amazing to me how many stars you can see in southern Utah. Beautiful. Heather was in the tent, ready for bed by 8:00. I made it until 9:00 and Breezy stayed up a bit longer. She was too busy thinking about the cows that were going to attack her! We all slept well after a full day of hiking.

I woke up early the next morning and took the opportunity to climb to the top of the canyon and explore. It was awesome! There wasn't a single footprint anywhere but there were hundreds of animal tracks. I sat there and took in the vastness and beauty of the desert and felt cleansed and rejuvenated.

The hike out was quick. We were completely out of water by the time we made it to the car and were glad that we had decided to turn around. Breezy took us on a drive in a gorgeous canyon and then we went back to her house to refill our water. We talked Breezy into going on a very popular trail (NOT Sails and Adventures style) to a very pretty watefall, Calf Creek Falls. The hike was very relaxed, we enjoyed not having packs on, and we ended up being the only ones at the waterfall.

On the way back we took a break to lay on a rock in the sun. This is one thing we all agreed on. We needed some time to soak in the sun as we laid on the red rock. If I made a list of my top 10 favorite things to do in life-this would make the list. Heather wanted to fully enjoy the experience so she made sure to empty her bladder before she found her rock. Of course, there aren't any toilets anywhere so she told us to turn our heads so she could squat. (I hope I don't get in trouble for sharing this story-but I can't resist!) Unfortunately, she didn't account for the people who would be passing on the trail, and didn't realize that she was in FULL view of the trail. Not knowing what else to do, she simply waved and said hello. We all had a good, long laugh.
Thanks to Breezy and Heather for a perfect couple of days and to Rick who was so willing to let me go on my adventures. I always come back a better mom and wife as I realize how much I love them!


Stephanie said...

I didn't realize you didn't have a plan going out there. That is VERY not like you. How exciting. Too bad it didn't all work out as planned. I love pictures of you in front of Southern Utah waterfalls. It's just fitting. Can't wait to hear about the last few days, seeming as you really haven't told me any of this.

hedrad said...

Nothing like Southern Utah to soothe the soul. There's also nothing like peeing in front of a bunch of strangers.

Kelsey said...

I love these post Heidi! You make me love Utah more, and I still live here. Spencer and I love hiking and are going to find the waterfall you talked about. I've never been to it before. Thanks so much for helping me love this place even more.

Andrea Lei said...

I LOVE Calf Creek!! We went there often when I was growing up, that was our family's form of camping when we only had a short weekend.