Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 7-A Date with Rick

By this point in the vacation I realized that I hadn't seen much of Rick and I missed him! We scheduled a date for that evening and then, once again, went on our separate ways for the day. Heather was getting a pedicure that morning and so I decided I was on vacation and needed one as well. I picked the wrong color but it felt great. Especially after hiking in sandals for two days!

We then went to lunch with some dear childhood friends. Kathy set it up and we were so happy to see everyone. Bev and Kathy were my mom's volunteer nurses when she got so sick. I'm not sure how accurate my memory is but it seems like at least one of them was there all the time. I wasn't arware at the time of the sacrifice they were making leaving their families and being with us. Bev's daughters-Liz and Becky were at lunch and Kathy's daughter-Lora and Rachelle were there as well. Liz and Lora are my age and Becky and Rachelle are Heather's age. We all lived within a few houses of each other our entire childhood and in our elementary years we were pretty inseparable. I rarely get to see these friends and loved being with them!

I got back from lunch and had an hour before Rick and I took off for some time together. Our original plan was to go night skiing. However, because of the funny way I was walking, the icy snow, and the high prices, we decided not to. I pulled too many muscles hiking and was grateful not to put any more stress on them from skiing. We were sad to have missed out on Utah skiing but more than anything just glad for a few moments together.

After dinner, shopping and a drive up the canyon, we met up with Ben and Breezy for a fun night of games and treats. Like I said before, I don't have the best memory but I'm sure Rick and I were on some sort of winning streak. We usually are. Maybe we were just winning the eating competition. Who knows? It doesn't really matter as long as we were winning! (I'll be looking for comments from Breezy after this post!)

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Stephanie said...

I guess no one cares about your date with Rick day. How sad