Friday, May 2, 2008

Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday Rick and Connor!! I love the stories of both of these boys births so I thought I would share them with you on this very special day. Rick's story was written up in what looks to be the ward newsletter-written by the nurse who helped deliver him, Nurse Oram.

"Little Rick Ellis Bruno made his dashing debut into the world at 4:25 a.m. on May 2nd. It was evident from the beginning that this was no ordinary kid--he was an individualist in his own right. He chose to make his grand entrance at home aided by substitute doctor Richard Oram, and later nurse Sharon Oram. Daddy Bruno was on the phone during the entire event trying to get an ambulance and a doctor who could tell him what to do.

"His first attmpt for an ambulance, however, produced only a wrong number; and his attempt for a doctor brought an intern who obviously thought the stork still delivered babies.

"After baby Bruno made his entrance he was wrapped snugly in a large bath towel and transported to the hospital in an ambulance in the arms of nurse Oram--but not until she had sent Dr. Oram home for her contacts so she could see this precious bundle she was carrying.
"Mama Bruno, baby Bruno, and nurse Oram were met at the hospital by a group of very excited nurses and doctors. (Daddy Bruno and Dr. Oram were home rounding up a babysitter.) An hour later the doctor said both Mama and baby Bruno were just fine and had come through their spectacular event remarkably well."

Connor's story isn't nearly as exciting. How can you top that? But it was pretty special that he was born the same day as his dad. Here's his story, written by his doting mother the day after he was born.

"Yesterday was one of the most miraculous days of my life. Little Rick Connor Bruno was born into this world. I started the day off by going on a walk. We enjoyed seeing all the baby calves, the pony, and over 20 brand new ducklings...As soon as we got back from walking I headed for the store for groceries and balloons for Rick's birthday. I held Abbie at the balloon store and after the 5 minutes I was in there, I was exhausted. I went grocery shopping, had a few strong contractions but didn't think much of it.

"We got back from grocery shopping around 12:15 and I started unloading the car. Each trip I made to and from the car became more and more difficult and I was in more pain. Sam (my neighbor) offered to bring the groceries in but I jokingly told him that it might put me in labor, which would be a good thing."

(The rest of this is a very abbreviated version-I didn't want to bore you with too many details.)

I spent the next hour getting Abigail lunch, putting groceries away and wrapping presents. I took a bath to see if contractions would stop-but they didn't. Rick came home by 1:30 and we began timing contractions. They were 3-4 minutes lasting 45-60 seconds. The nurse told me to come into the office but I still had to get Abigail to the babysitter and pack my bags. We got out of the house by 3:15

We went to the office, where I waited way too long to see the midwife. They finally checked me and I was dialated to a 7. The office was right next to the hospital so I waddled over, stopping every few minutes for very strong contractions. It was 4:30 by this time.

Once we got situated in the room Rick gave me a blessing, the midwife broke my water and by 5:30 Rick Connor Bruno was born. Happy Birthday Daddy! Rick was promised if Connor was born on his birthday (which I was 100% sure was not going to happen) that Rick could name him after himself. So now we enjoy having two Rick's around the house.

For the past 7 years these two have been sharing this special day together. Rick is 34 today, Connor is 7 (3+4=7 Cool!!). Happy Birthday Boys!


Stacie Raddatz said...

Great post. Read every word. Loved all the details of the births. Happy Birthday, Connor and Rick! May is the best month!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday boys! I loved reading about both of those stories. Can't wait to party tonight (or just watch your kids)

hedrad said...

Happy Birthday boys. Wish I had been there to celebrate with you all.

Danielle said...

what neat stories! Happy Birthday to Rick and Connor!

Miriam said...

Wow Rick, you made it another Year!!! Congrats... They will seem to come quicker and quicker now that you are closer to the big 35. Acceptance is hard to swallow sometimes. You'll get over it!!!
Happy birthday Connor.