Saturday, May 3, 2008

Birthday Fun

I had big plans to deep clean the kids rooms today but have tried a few times and am finding that I have no motivation. I'm too worn out from birthday fun! I decided to blog about that instead. Much more fun. The kids rooms will remain cluttered with messy closets and overstuffed drawers for yet another day (or week or month).

Connor and Rick have to both agree on the festivities of the day. They both threw out their ideas and we made a compromise. Connor wanted to go ice skating so he invited Brady and Abbie came along. They had fun and were good sports even with the bumps and bruises.

Connor was adamant about McDonalds for dinner. Rick agreed but only if we went out later to somewhere a little more tasty.
Here's a picture of toothless Connor. He's had a tooth hanging by a thread for the last few days. He wanted to wait until his birthday before he pulled it out. So at 2:00 AM Connor was standing at our bed with his tooth in hand! His first birthday present.

Steph, Jake and family joined us at McDonalds and we had Talmage with us as well. His parents, Robin and Briton, are off gallivanting about on the east coast. At least I think that's where they are. Hope you are having fun. We sure are!

I had to include this picture of Talmage holding my 1-year olds hand. We were on our way home from McDonalds when he decided to make a move. You can tell by his expression that he was under the impression that he wasn't being watched when suddenly the camera clicked. Caught in the act! Talk to me again when Holly is 20 Talmage but I think this is starting a little young with the flirting.
Little side note: I took this picture while I was driving. I had to use the rear-view mirror to see the image in the back of the camera so I could take the picture. I was impressed with myself.
Just don't tell Rick-he hates when I do stuff like that.

After McDonalds the boys opened their B-day presents. Rick put together a very cool treasure hunt for Connor's final present. We were all very impressed with the awesome poetry and Connor was thrilled with his rip stick.

The expression on his face says it all!

Connor was glad to have buddy Brady around for all the fun. Such a cute picture.

After presents the boys got to enjoy their very cool Yoga cake. If you want a step by step of how this cake was made, you'll have to check out Stephanie's blog. Not that I think she's amazing. Heaven forbid!

By this point you might be wondering when Rick got to have his fun. Not that ice skating, McDonalds, treasure hunts and yoda cakes aren't fun! However, once we had made a big enough mess of the house and filled the kids with sugar, Rick and I ditched and left the kids with Steph. We split our favorite meal at Stanfords (we had already eaten McDonalds and cake but we were celebrating!) And then we watched Iron Man on opening night. Rick attempts every once in a while to broaden my horizons with these kinds of show. I tried to get out of it but with it being his birthday I had to go along with his plan. I was pleasantly surprised and once I got passed all the shooting (there was LOTS of that) I really enjoyed myself. Not so sure that's a good thing but it was fun. And, of course, Rick loved it. We came home to a spotless house and sleeping children thanks to Steph. I think the boys would say they shared yet another wonderful birthday.
As for myself, I have managed to waste away the past hour or more writing this post. I had almost finished it when I managed to lose it all and had to start all over. Arghh! The rooms are even messier then when I started but now these fun memories will be around forever. Maybe it wasn't such a waste. And I did it all while watching 7 kids. Ok-so I didn't actually do any watching but I'm around if someone breaks a bone! I'm just nervous to see the mess. Maybe I should try to get away with leaving the kids with Steph again. It worked for me last night!


Stacie Raddatz said...

Love this post. The tooth at 2 Am! And then your talent in the car at taking pictures. It was worth it for that sweet moment you captured. Glad to get a play-by-play of the day.

brenda said...

Another super fun post. We almost went to that movie last night! Funny.

I'm with Rick on the driving thing--don't you remember the slide show from "Trauma Nurses Talk Tough"? I think you need to sit through it again. But you know what I always say "that picture will be a treasure if they get married some day." Ha ha.

Happy Birthday, Rick and Rick Jr.

Stephanie said...

Lot's to say....first, you called it a Yoga cake, and that is just embarassing, so let's get that taken care of. Second, that whole "don't call me amazing" thing was personal, and now is broadcast to all of your blog followers, and made the absolute best choice of activities with 7 kids running wild. Can you imagine if you had tried to clean during all of that. Just let the chaos happen! :) Sure am glad you have a blog sis!

Miriam said...

My motto for the last couple of weeks has been "what could be the worst outcome?" You come to grips with it and then move on with life. It Has been working fine. Not much getting done but rest a sured my mind knows what the worst could be.

hedrad said...

So glad to have finally gotten a real play by play of the day. I've asked about five people how the birthday went and all I get is a big fat FINE. I think that word should be removed from the English language. The only problem is that now I know what I missed out on and I'm sad to have missed it all. Next year...

Robin said...

Super Happy Birthday. You boys get a can of beans. Each. Thanks again for taking care of T over the weekend while we went to the "east coast" (heh heh. that's where you THINK we were. what if we were really just at home the whole time?). You're the true BFF of the universe. We'll come by soon for a play"date" (supervised, of course). Go Rockhounds.