Monday, May 12, 2008

The Friend

I'm just so glad for the LDS church publication of The Friend that I have to share my gratitude with others. I'm not good at preparing in advance for Family Home Evening. I still don't even have one of those nifty charts to rotate whose turn it is to do this or that. Some day. For now we often pull the Friend out at the last minute, read a good story, and then have a family discussion on it. Tonight's story was about a boy who found himself in a sticky situation at his scout leaders home. Of all places. You'd think they wouldn't have to face temptation at scouts! The leaders' son wanted to play a video game that the boy didn't feel was appropriate. He was strong, made the right choice and learned a valuable lesson from it.
After we read the story, the kids opened up and shared what they thought might be things that would be inappropriate and how they could know when they should walk away. I was so grateful, and a bit surprised, at how open they were with me. Here was the biggest shocker: finding out that my children have noticed all the terrible things you see in Blockbuster and recognized that it was bad. We take them in there on occasion to pick out a movie. Little did I know they were absorbing things I'd rather they didn't and that they were finding it hard to look away from inappropriate things. I was the one putting them in those situations. Little eyes and ears are so impressionable and we have to be on a constant vigil to help them.

What a blessing that we have a home where these things can be openly discussed. I am very aware that we can't keep them from temptation-even Blockbuster has it-but I am also very aware that we can teach them so that they will know when to look or walk away. And I'm so glad that the church produces a magazine that isn't afraid to address these issues and gives us a start to what can be very powerful and important discussions in our homes. I love this gospel!
Oh, and just for your info, my cat is going to have kittens any day now. I can't wait! I'll post pictures soon.


Stephanie said...

I was all ready to say something thoughtful about the Friend, and then you pulled out that whole cat having kittens, and I thought you were saying she had HAD her kittens, and I was going to give you a piece of my mind....but then I realized what it really said, and now, a whole paragraph later, I will say what I was originally going to say.

Jaxon and I actaully read from the Friend tonight too. He wanted me to read way more than I could with my voice and all. We sure are blessed to have things delievered to our mailbox to help us raise our children. It's great

Tonya said...

I'm so glad we are not the only family who last minute chooses a story from the Friend to read at FHE! Sometimes it's those laid back times that produce the best discussions. I too have been shocked at the things my kids are aware of. There really is something to that straight and narrow path and I am sooo grateful for the Gospel that helps me and my family stay on it.

Stacie Raddatz said...

Great post. Don't realize what the kids absorb. Can't wait for the kittens.

brenda said...

Love the Friend. It is so REAL, like you say. I try to get down to that level with every sharing time and those kids just blow me away with the things they want to discuss in primary. Like the time I asked the senior kids about what kinds of sadness kids face and they said (among other things): depression, friends rejecting you, parents getting divorced. It got pretty heavy. Then we talked about the One who is always there for you and will never let you down...It's good to keep it real. I think I was able to believe in the gospel and yet compartmentalize it away from real life, and that's what led me astray. It's all in the application, after all. Oh, and I can't wait to meet the kittens.