Wednesday, May 28, 2008

From Fiddlin' to the Keyboard

I love music so my kids get to love music as well, whether or not they want to! This past week Abbie had two chances to perform and Connor had his moment to shine as well. Abbie competed in her first fiddle contest. Her teacher asked if she wanted to participate in it and she was excited to. I was happy that it was all her decision. The contest was an hour away so we had a fun afternoon together. There were 9 kids who competed in her division and we were thrilled that she got 5th. Lots of the kids compete in every contest they can and take it very seriously. So to get 5th in her first contest was great. Especially because it meant getting a trophy (only 5th-1st got the trophies!) and a $5 check. Very exciting. I was way more nervous about the whole thing than Abbie was. She loves getting up on a stage to perform. Sorry the pics didn't turn out real great but you can still see how cute she is!

Spring Piano Recital 2008
I teach both my kids piano and they are both doing great. I had my spring recital last week and all my students did awesome, especially Connor and Abbie!
It's always very rewarding as a teacher to hear your students perform well. Makes it all worth it!


Andrea Lei said...

Way to go! I love to hear that other mom's "torture" their kids with music lessons as much as I do! (It's good for them, right??) Sometimes I wonder...good job Abbie on your fiddling!

Stephanie said...

I still am so proud of Abbie for getting 5th place. I didn't realize that she just barely made the cut for the trophy. And I love Connor's feet in his recital pictures. How they don't touch the floor, and the shoes. It's classic Connor

hedrad said...

...and Abbie will grow up to be a world famous fiddler...and Connor will grow up to be a world famous baseball player...and Emily will play the cello in a world famous orchestra by the time she's fifteen...and Holly...well Holly will become a teacher, the noblest calling of all...isn't that how it goes?

Kelsey said...

I'm way happy to see the pictures of your piano recital. I still have a couple of the plastic composer statues you used to give me!

Stacie Raddatz said...

I loved seeing this. Glad Abbie got a trophy. Wish we could have been at the recital. I just started teaching voice... a little nervous. It is a big responsibility, but the rewards are big too.