Monday, May 19, 2008

Meet Rascal, Midnight, Tiger and Lilly

The kittens have finally arrived!! I only have a few minutes to write but I wanted to get the pictures up for everyone to see. Here's a quick play by play of the night.

Warning: The pictures are bloody!
Around 9:00 KC found a secluded corner in the girls room. You could only see her head poking out of all the stuffed animals that had been thrown in the corner. We put her out around 10:00 and she asked to come right back in and went for the same spot. Rick and I read until 11:30 and then attempted to put her out again. She begged to come back in and was not acting normal. Her cry was different and she had started purring and wanted so badly to be inside. Usually she prefers the garage at nights. We knew something was up. We cleaned up her corner and put a box in it with old towels and let her try that out. Apparently it was important for her to be near Abbie. When I was a girl my cat always wanted to be by me and I loved it. It was fun to see the pattern repeated.

Here's a picture of KC in her box hiding out. At this point she was panting, purring and pushing. We knew it was close! I called Steph at 11:50 because she had insisted that I call her when it happened. She was so fun to come over and join us. Rick on the other hand, knowing he had to get up and go to work, went to bed.

I like this picture because it shows how hard KC is working. The one thing that amazed me is that she continued to purr through the whole thing. It made me wonder if she was really enjoying herself. She seemed very relaxed and I would even go so far as to say happy almost the entire time. The 4 times when she pushed the babies out, she would look at us and cry, and then they would pop out. Amazing!

After about an hour of panting, purring and pushing baby #1 was born. I woke up Abbie when I new the baby was moments away so that she could experience it. I figured KC wanted her to be there anyway. Abbie decided to name this little guy rascal. It has proved to be the feisty one of the bunch. It had the food all to itself at first and kept up a good fight as the others came along.

Midnight was born soon after Rascal. She (I don't really know what if they are male or female) was born in the midnight hour and was much darker. KC had about on hour after these first two were born. After she had cleaned the babies and eaten the placentas (that part was gross!) she laid and panted. You can see on her face that she is still hard at work. She continued to purr through the entire thing.

Within just a few minutes she had both Tiger and Lilly out. They are named after our first cat, Tiger Lilly, who disappeared before she was even one. Here she is nursing all the babies. Lilly had the hardest time finding food. By the time we went to bed she

was still attached to her placenta and had to drag it around on her quest to fill her belly. This morning they are all very happy. KC left them for just a moment to get some food so we could get a better shot.

And here is what Emily did during all the excitement. She just didn't have it in her to stay awake but was nice to make room for us on her bed!

I've got kids to pick up and lessons to teach but have a few more details and video I'll add later. So keep checking. Good job KC! You're a great Mom!


Stephanie said...

Whoooohooooo! It was amazing, and they are so sweet. Love it all!

Tonya said...

I'm so excited! Thank you for the call to let us know! We will come by and see the cuteness for ourselves:0) I remember seeing Chaney eat the placentas....GROSS! New life is so amazing. WOW!

Robin said...

"Wow! Kitties!" (from Talmage). I'm so excited to come see 'em.

Stacie Raddatz said...

Wow! I can't believe that. I have never seen anything like that. Such a miracle. Life is so precious in all its forms. I asked Mike if he knew about your cat that was not neutered, which is uncommon today. And he said "What do you think? We are Raddatz's and Raddatz's procreate!" You go!

Andrea Lei said...

I love how detailed you are about all of this! Our chicks we have been soooo patiently waiting for, I think aren't going to come. I think the mother forgot to sit on them one particularly cold day and I think they are all dead. She was NOT a good first-time mother. I guess I could crack one open to find out, but ewwww, I am afraid of what I would find! Spring and new life is so great!!

Breezy said...

I can't believe you watched the whole thing. KC just wanted us gone so she could be in private and peace, although I think Greyson may have brought it on by chasing her all around the house and yard when we were loading the car. Congratulations.

brenda said...

what a wonderful experience for your children. the miracle of life!!!

meganconser said...

I see you may have a future as a kitty doula? What a fun experience for you. I love that she wanted to be close to Abby. How special. Leila will love to come and see them when they are a little older-- so let us know when visiting hours are open!

Tami said...

PRIVACY! At our house whenever someone is in the bathroom and someone else starts to come in we yell PRIVACY! Poor little cat, no privacy!


Miriam said...

Is Rick adding onto the house? Josh is freaking out because he needs to touch one of them. Wish I hadn't shown him the pictures. Good luck with those additions to the family!!

Rachel said...

Maura said she wants the striped one. I wish we could come and see them!