Sunday, June 15, 2008

All in a Day's Work

I often feel like I just don't get much accomplished in a day. At the end of the day, I look back and think, "What in the world did I spend the past 15 hours doing?" These pictures help me feel a bit better about it all. On this particular day I was watching Sage and Jaxon. Who knows what Jaxon and Emily are up to. Probably destroying one of the rooms I wasn't taking pictures of. As for Holly and Sage, they first found the cat food. Holly was thoroughly enjoying a mouthful of cat food when I found them and was thoroughly ticked that I wouldn't let her finish enjoying it. I saved this mess for later but found them just moments later in the kitchen.

Once again they were very happy to be making a mess just as quickly as possible. They giggled every time they threw a cup. What I didn't get a picture of was their adventures in the bathroom. They dumped as much as they could in the few minutes I spent cleaning up the cups. They work well as a team.
Once Holly's little buddy went home she still wanted to have some fun of her own. I was probably working on the cat food that I had ignored long enough when Holly decided to pull out all the plastic bags. I think she does this at least once a day. I love her expression. "What you gonna do about this mess, Mom?"
I thought maybe strapping her in the high chair might help out. Wrong-everything got crumpled into little tiny crumbs and tossed on the floor. And Holly's still got that smug expression on her face! She's knows she doesn't have to clean up the mess.
After getting her out of the highchair she insisted on going outside. The grass was muddy and since she is still on all fours I knew she would be covered in dirt in a matter of seconds, which would mean yet another mess to clean up. I just didn't have it in me so I enlisted Emily's help and strapped Holly into the swing. Both the girls were happy with this arrangement and it gave me a few more minutes to clean up yet another mess.

In reality I did get a lot accomplished. I cleaned up cat food, and the bathroom, restacked the cups for the umpteenth time, and put all the plastic bags back so Holly could pull them all out again. I fed my scrumptious little girl and made her laugh. Maybe there wasn't much checked off my list but hopefully I allowed Holly the chance to explore her little world and live her life to the fullest.

For my dear friends who have tagged me, thanks for thinking of me. It made me happy. Rest assured you wouldn't find anything too exciting in the pictures I would take so I'll spare you the details. There are always piles of laundry, the fridge is always jammed packed, my closets a mess, the kids are always asleep when I blog, and my favorite, favorite, favorite shoes are my chacos. I love them!!!!!


Stephanie said...

I love it all!

meganconser said...

I was laughing out loud-- gotta love them kids. On my days like this, I dissapear the SECOND Jeremy walks in the door. Sounds like you handled it well as you are such a good Mommy. (I hear cat food is full of vitamins and minerals and fiber.. might not be too bad- maybe as a treat if she does somthing good!)

brenda said...

Cute feet!

I feel like I wander from room to room half-doing lots of little things, but not ever really making any headway. I recently heard the advice to get into the habit of counting down 5 things you accomplished at the end of each day. It helps. It helps to say, for example, I did a load of laundry, I played a game with kids (when I didn't feel like it), I made dinner, I cleaned my toilet, and I made phone calls to the siding/painting people. That's not a ton, but it's enough to be proud of myself today.

Robin said...


Danielle said...

Oh, the glamourous life of being a mom. It's always good to know that others are doing the same things you are each day. I look back sometimes and think, what did I do with all my time before I had kids? I must have been well rested.

Tonya said...

Cat food messes are becoming a daily occurence in our household now. I think I need to find a new spot for our kitty supplies. Food and water get kicked over way to often. I love that you are content to let little Holly explore her world. You are a good Mom. Nice feet!

Stacie Raddatz said...

I love my chacos too. I wouldn't even have first tried them on if it wasn't for you. And I love seeing all the messes. I feel like I just clean up after my kids all day. Too bad we couldn't of thrown Julia in with those two. She would have loved getting into those cups.

Tami said...

This is my favorite Mom blog ever! Let the truth be told. Isn't it great.