Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Giving What We Can

We had an enrichment recently where we collected items to take to Africa this summer. I was so touched by the desire to give. The people of Zambia will be the recipients of these donations. Zambia is a safe country and has never had a genocide like in Sudan, Rwanda, Dafur and Zimbabwe. But they have their own killings that are taking just as many people. In 2005, the disease aids made orphans of 710,000 children. It is to these children that your donations are going. I was so touched as I counted the donations to see what we had collected. I cried when I realized the amount of children's painkiller that had been donated. We want so desperately to take the pain away from these vulnerable children. We can't remove it completely but we can certainly help. More than anything we need to be aware. We need to realize that there is suffering and that we are blessed with SO much. It is our responsibility to find what it is that we can give. There are people, possibly our neighbors, who are in need. There is an organization called IRCO that helps refugees in our area who are trying to start over in our country. Maybe helping these people is something we can do. Maybe it is helping the children in the orphanages that are in our own neighborhoods. There are so many places we can donate money if that is what we have a surplus of. What I'm trying to say is that we can do something. Even if it's just to buy a bottle of children's Tylenol to help take a bit of the pain away. I'll get off my soapbox now. I just felt so strongly that this message needs to be shared and wanted to thank those who gave what they could. Thankyou!!!

Here's the list of things needed in Zambia if you or anyone you know would like to donate. I'm looking to get 60 books for children K-4 to put in the awesome book bags Megan made. Just bring it by!

For Children's Resource Center
Backpacks for kids- clean, strong, in good condition (Jansport, etc)
Play uniforms- for this we need fabric, enough for 25 uniforms
Puzzles- prefer wooden
Games- Boggle, Scrabble, Uno, Sorry, Checkers

For team activities:
Mini- Hygiene kits- washcloth, hand towel, full sized bar soap in Ziploc bag
Baby bed sheets and receiving blankets
Baby blankets
Yarn, crochet hooks

Kids Camps
Soccer balls-please deflate
Long rope suitable for group jump rope activities
Reading books for grades K-4

Medicines for screenings:
Painkillers – adult, children Cotton balls
Anti fungal cream (lots & lots) Eye drops, both saline and antibiotic
Cough syrup/drops Antibacterial creams
De-worming medicine Hydrocortisone cream
Antacids (Tums, Rolaids, etc) Deep Heat
Antihistamine Small cups for dispensing liquids at the clinic
Latex gloves Snack size Ziplocs for take home pills
Silver colored sharpie markers


vaxhacker said...

Cassandra, reading over my shoulder asks: What kind of fabric do you need for the play uniforms? We might be able to help with that (or maybe something else).

Stephanie said...

Just yesterday I was wishing I had that list so I could get some stuff to Heather, and them BOOM! My inpired sister helps me out. Sage helped me pick out some baby blankets "nigh, night" and I got a bunch of the medicine stuff. I have to be able to contribute some small part when you both are contributing your lives! So thanks for helping me do that

hedrad said...

You're so good at saying what needs to be said. I'm so excited to embark on this journey with you. I can't wait until we get the whole family over there. What do you think about that brothers???

hedrad said...

Oh and Steph, thanks again for the awesome bag of much needed supplies.

Danielle said...

It was such a wonderful enrichment. It is always good to be able to focus on the needs of others, and lose yourself in service. You and your sister are such wonderful examples of that.