Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's All About Me!!

Not only do I love that cheesy smile, but I thought the little saying on Holly's onesie was perfect for the title of this post. With the end of school came many "It's all about me!" moments in the Bruno family. Here are some of our chances to shine.

Emily performed with her friends
in a very cute music group performance. Stephanie does such a great job with the kids and they love it! She gets to be with her friends and sing songs like Mr. Tambourine Man and Puff the Magic Dragon.

Here she is dancing and with "Miss Stephanie" as some of the kids call her.

Abbie got to celebrate her end of the season soccer party. She had fun at a picnic with all of her soccer buddies and got a medal from her coach to remember the great season. She has an awesome team. They hope to stay together as long as possible.

Abbie also performed in her spring violin recital and did a fabulous job. She never gets nervous playing in front of people. Hopefully it will always be that way.

Poor Holly didn't have very happy "All About Me!" moments. For a week she woke up with goopy eyes every morning and from every nap. It still didn't stop her from pulling out the bags-her favorite thing to do!

Emily had her last day of gymnastics. She's been in a park and recs class and really likes it. Great job Emily!

She also had an end of preschool party with her preschool friends. We had so much fun with Zach, Lucy, Elena and Skye this year. They learned a lot and did a lot of laughing and playing.

Connor and Abbie both got to participate in their class talent shows. They both had big smiles as they were cheered by their peers. I think they liked the attention.

Rick's "All About Me" day was on Father's Day, of course. The kids finally got to bring him their cards at 11:00 (ok, maybe it wasn't that late-but it felt like it!) and we made him a super yummy breakfast in bed. And while I'm talking about Rick, he also took the girls camping the night before. Including Holly! He deserves points for that. He's also had fun lately riding his bike to work. He usually makes the 13 mile ride to and from work 3 times a week. He has also gone on a few 30+ mile bike rides, golfs every chance he gets, plays baseball once a week and even goes on occasional runs during his lunch break. What's gotten into this kid? Way to go Babes!
As for myself, I ran my best ever time for the Helvatia Half Marathon. I shaved exactly 3 minutes off my previous time for a new PR of 1 hour 54 minutes and 32 seconds. That averages to an 8:30 minute mile, which for me, is fabulous. The run was tough but so fun to set a new record for myself. I was happy to share this "All About Me" moment with Heather, who also got an new PR, and Nichole and Jane from running group. The Jamba Jucie at the end of the race made the sweat and pain all worth it.
And that's what the Bruno's have been up to. Now that summer has come we're enjoying doing very little at all. It's so nice to slow down and take a break. Well, not from running, of course!


Tonya said...

Holly's cheesy grin is so cute! I tried so hard to get my girls to play the piano for the talent show, but they were not about to do it. They promised that they would be ready next year. I might have to bribe some how. Looks like you started the summer with a bang, and how nice to have down time now!

Breezy said...

Busy, Busy, family. I love catching up on everything. Congrats on the 1/2 marathon, you are more ambitious then I am. I went to the melting pot with a bunch of people last weekend, but I think your fondue was just as great!

Andrea Lei said...

Look at Abbie's beautiful posture while holding her violin! Bravo from one who knows!!
Good job on your 1/2 marathon, way to go!

Stephanie said...

How is it that I am already the 4th person to comment. You are popular! Great post. Lot's of catching up in just one shot. I'm glad that Holly got rid of those sick little eyes. Poor girl. Oh, and as for the run...YOU'RE AMAZING!!

Danielle said...

WOW! Look at all the fun things the Bruno Fam has been up to. Congrats to everyone.

hedrad said...

Love reading about the update. Can't tell you how much I appreciate blogs here in Africa. I LOVE to hear how everything is going and to see all the fun pics. Makes me feel not so far away. Love, Love!!!