Saturday, September 20, 2008

First and Last FAMILY Camping Trip of the Year

Our family has done a fair share of camping this year. I went in the spring time with Heather and Breezy and then Rick was super Dad and took Connor on a Father/Son and then all 3 girls on a Daddy/Daughter and then all 4 kids (WOW!!!) to the ward campout where Emily wet the bed and he had to spend a few hours in a nearby laundromat. Rick and I also spent a night camping on our getaway. It was this night that I realized we never went camping as a family, something we always do. So I decided we would go camping in September. Rick wasn't thrilled. He had done plenty of camping with the kids. But he's always a good sport with my crazy ideas. We decided to go to Timothy Lake on Mt. Hood. I had been there once before and loved it. We invited Heather, Dad, Jake, Steph, Jaxon and Sage. Stephanie and Abbie are the brave ones out in the water. The babies stayed close to shore. I usually enjoy swimming in the water but this time was just a bit too cold. But look at that blue sky. Beautiful!Emily took a face plant at one point. She was a good sport about it.
We loved hanging out by the fire. This is why we go camping!!! I loved it. One of the favorite moments was when Heather, Steph and I started singing. We have our favorite camp songs and love to harmonize together. Something healing about sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and singing songs. Made the hours of prep and cleanup all worth it. I LOVE this picture. It captures Holly's attitude. Always thinking about what naughty thing she will do next. She was filthy the entire camping trip. I suppose that means she had a good time.
Abbie had so much fun. She inherited my love for play and the beauty of the outdoors. We both savor moments like these. Can't wait to take her backpacking.
And poor, poor Connor tells us he's never going to go camping again. Yup, you guessed it. He fell in the fire. It was a very stressful 30 minutes as we tried to decide just how bad the burn was, what we needed to do about it, and most of all, how to keep the poor kid from going into shock. Rick worked on the burn part-I couldn't stand to look at it-and I tried to calm him down. He was a mess. I really think he was in shock. He was short of breath and his body wouldn't stop shaking. Eventually we had to wrap him up because he was getting so cold. Very traumatic and rightly so. How many people have gotten burns like that! Rick was excellent as he cared for the burn and I was so grateful for prayer and priesthood blessings that helped that much more. We felt things would be just fine, and they are. In fact, once he got his wits about him and was able to rest, he was super chipper the rest of the day and has only complained a few times in the week since it happened. He's been very tough about the whole thing. Look at that smile!
And I just had to throw in these pictures of Emily's haircut. So cute. She gets comments everywhere we go.
Love those curls!


Julie said...

Oh Wow! Poor Connor! I saw his arm was wrapped yesterday when I ran into you before the soccer game, but I know what a drag it is to have to reexplain injuries over and over, so I thought I'd better not ask. Thanks for writing about it here. Such a sweet kid. So sad it happened to him. Hope it all heals quickly.

Stacie Raddatz said...

OUCH! That looks pretty bad. Poor Connor. But the trip looked fun. Wish we could have be there for the fun campfire program.

Patrick and Paige said...

His arm makes me cringe. I am glad to see that he is still smiling, but OWIE!!!

vaxhacker said...

Owowowow... My dad used to teach first aid every year at Girls Camp when my sisters went, and brought along slides from the burn unit to scare them with... and I still cringe thinking about burns like that.

I meant to ask how he was doing when I saw you guys at church today and poor Connor's arm still bandaged up. Hope he's quickly over it and it's soon just a memory he can enjoy telling his friends about.

Tonya said...

I would not have taken it so well to face plant in the sand! Cute girl! Those pictures of Connor's arm are crazy! I am so glad that he is healing and hasn't done much complaining. What a huge blessing!We LOVE camping, so I'm a little envious that you guys snuck that last trip in. It sounds like you had a great time, minus the burn part.