Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I still have so many stories of Africa to share. I even woke from a dream recently with a panicked feeling that I need to continue to let these stories be shared. So, if you have been inspired by these people as I have, keep checking. There will be more to come.

For today, I need to catch up on our end of summer fun, including our haircuts. We were all in desperate need of haircuts so I called my dear friend Cristy Johnson and had her chop off some hair.

Between Abbie, Emily and I we created quite the pile of hair!

Later that night Emily got her hair as crazy as she could. It's amazing what can happen with curls!Connor joined in the fun and was happy with his awesome hairdo.
Abbie tried to compete with Emily's crazy hairdo but to no avail. She resorted to crazy faces and using her hands instead. Who knew haircut day would end up being so fun!

To Connor's dismay, we forced a haircut on him as well. No more cool do's for now. We knew it was time to get it cut when his buddy Sam said that his hair would be just like a helmet if it was made of steel. I know, that sounds pretty cool but the really long sideburns just weren't working for me. Soon enough, I won't have a say so for now it's good to see those cute eyes again.


Stephanie said...

I'm excited to see what comments are left about Emily's hair. I will be checking back

Mrs.Misses said...

Your children are so adorable! I love blogging for reasons like this - just to document fun times with the fam. Great hair!

And I can't wait to hear more stories about Africa. I homeschool a family in SLC (two girls) and I often share your stories (yours and Heather's) with them. We have great discussions... Keep them coming.