Monday, September 22, 2008


I've always had my kids pretty much when I planned to. I would pick the month I wanted to get pregnant and when I wanted the baby to be born. Three of the four times it worked out just as planned and once I had to wait one month. Even that made me panic that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant. I have never dealt with waiting like too many people have to. On the other end of the spectrum, I have also never had to deal with getting pregnant when I wasn't planning on it or didn't want it. There have been times in my life when I would have found out and cried because it wasn't what I wanted. However, we have recently had that sort of pregnancy in our home. Oops!
Just a week after KC's babies left home, she was pregnant once again. We enjoyed the first litter so much that I couldn't bear to have her fixed right away. I figured we would have another litter next summer and then call it good. Never, did I think she would get pregnant so soon! When I got home from Africa I thought her belly looked bigger but didn't think much of it. But it kept getting bigger and she was more irritable all the time. Sure enough-pregnant! We had no idea when it happened but the last few days we figured by her size that it would be any day. We were right.

Abbie came into our room at 1:30 am to tell us that KC was keeping her awake. I was sure KC was letting her know it was time. The constant purring proved that she was in labor. She loves Abbie and wants her to be part of these things. She insisted on staying on Abbie's bed with her but we, of course, were not going to let that happen. Three times we would put her in the box next to Abbie's bed and she would jump out and climb the stairs to the top bunk. We took the ladder off and she still tried to get her pregnant, contracting body up to the top bunk. Once Abbie came and sat right by the box she settled down and stayed.

The first video is of KC as the first baby was being born. (I don't think this will show up very well-it was too dark.) I went into detail the first time she had her babies so I'll try to keep this version shorter. I was once again amazed by how she purred through the whole thing. I love to think that she was enjoying the experience. The video isn't very good but you can hear her purring and see her contract. She pushes with her contractions just like we do.

Here is kitten #1. None of them have names this time around. One is black and the other 3 all look the same so it will be hard to tell them apart. But if you think of any names, feel free to leave a suggestion.
Look at the cute, slimy thing. I love it!
Abbie stayed up until 4:00 and I made it until 5:00 before I crashed for a few more hours of sleep before my busy Sunday would start. Emily, and her crazy curly hair, would wake up and see what was going on every once in a while and then fall back to sleep. Connor, who was having a sleepover in the girls room, let us know he was excited and turned right back over to sleep.

Here's the whole litter, minus the kitten that came to earth just to get a body. The kids, especially Emily, are very excited to hold the kittens. I make them wait until their eyes open. Emily must have asked me at least 10 times today when she could hold the kittens. "How many more minutes until I can hold them?" As for KC, she's a pro this time and leaves the kittens much more than she did last time. I'm with her on that one. You need breaks whenever you can get them. And I know this picture has nothing to do with kittens but it has everything to do with having babies. My friend was blessed with three babies at once. Not quite as many as KC but a whole lot for humans! She also has three other kids and her husband is in dental school. She still finds time to help others and do amazing things. She's my hero. Today, I was lucky enough to have the triplets and Sage over for a few hours. All five of them demanded on playing the piano at once. I had to use both benches and of course had to take a picture. So cute!


Spencer said...

I love cats so much! What cute little things they are. Unfortunately I have 6 family members who are allergic, so I'll likely never get one. :(

Spencer said...

Um... this is Kelsey.

Robin said...

aw, Heid. You totally tricked me. I thought you were going to say you were pregnant. I mean, Stephanie is pr... I mean, Heather...

Stephanie said...

Great post again! I love those little kittens. And you know how I feel about that last picture.

meganconser said...

My heart skipped a beat thinking another beautiful Bruno would be joining us so soon! Well-- four legged Brunos with fur will be just as cute I am sure- we just won't get to watch them all grow up(Unless Stephanie finally adopts one-I had to wait thru several litters before I adopted the perfect kitten from my sisters cat!) We will have to come visit soon- Leila will be in kitty heaven.

Anonymous said...

- jinxie
- sox
- Abbra (caddabra)
- chester
- crusader

that's all i got 4 now.

Elisabeth said...

Funny you should post mom is the new kitty mommy to a litter of kittens. There has been a momma cat hanging around my parents house (my mom thinks someone left her when they moved) she noticed her belly getting bigger, so she, thinking she was pregnant began to feed the cat. Well on Saturday she gave birth to 5 kittens...she wanted nothing to do with them. She left one kitten at the back porch as if to say, "will you take care of my babies" soon after hearing the cry of that kitten, She heard the cries of the other kittens. They gathered them up, and cleaned them, momma cat didn't even lick them. So she is the new "mom" they know her smell, so she put her shirt in the box with the kittens and the went crazy for the shirt. I wish you lived closer so your cat could adopt them. My mom isn't so sure she can do it until they wean. The mom cat still doesn't want anything to do with the kittens we think because with the winter coming up she couldn't take care of them all. She just had a litter earlier this spring...we think. Anyway my kids are overjoyed to be able to hold something so small and feed them from the bottle.

Julie said...

What a calming influence you are, Heidi. Thanks for sharing the video. I remember our cat had kittens when I was about Emily's age. What an experience to share with your kids. Something they'll never forget.

vaxhacker said...

They're cute (of course)! We're loving every minute of their older sister being in our family, too, although Sabrina (Rascal was, incidentally, quite the appropriate name as well) has taken to seeing how fast she can zip from one end of the house to another! Ah, kittens.

And "anonymous"'s comment made me think (Abbra caddabra) of giving them Pokémon names. :)

Tonya said...

I totally thought you were announcing baby Bruno #5! That was very, very sly of you:0) I cannot believe KC already has more babies. That was so quick! Is a cat only pregnant for a few months or something? My only name idea is Jada(means precious). That was the other name we were considering when we got our kitty Macy. I am AMAZED at your ability to take care of 5 kids all similar in age. Maybe that means quintuplets for you in the near future:0)

Danielle said...

I too thought you were announcing you were expecting, but more kittens is pretty exciting too. I'll have to bring Jake over sometime when they get older--he would love a cat, but Ryan is very allergic. Congrats!