Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Wonderfully Wet Weekend

Rick and I were able to leave our kids with our very favorite babysitter, Heather, (sorry Robin-she's a tough one to compete with!) and spend the weekend celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Originally we had planned something grand to celebrate 10 years but Rick was good enough to let me use up the funds to go to Africa instead. So we scaled it back a few days and stayed close. We spent the first few days kayaking on the Puget Sound and the last two in a cabin at Mt. Rainier. As we were kayaking, we reminisced on some of our favorite memories of the past 10 years (we had to do something to keep our minds off the aches and pains from kayaking!). One of the memories that came to mind was our spring trip to our favorite Escalante River. We had gone in search of the sun and instead got snow! On our hike out, I fell in the water, which had risen drastically, on one of the very first crossings and was drenched and freezing cold for the entire hike out. I was pregnant with Abbie at the time and, as a first time Mom, worried about the cold and stress on the baby. Of course we all know, it all turned out just fine. Rick and I both laughed as we came to the sign at the beginning of the hike. It's hard to see on the picture but it says, "Yup! You gotta get wet!" They weren't kidding! We were both completely drenched and were happy to get into our warm car. By the way, this in one of the first and only scrapbooking pages I've made. It's probably better that I don't do it anymore!

I share this memory because 10 years later we found ourselves having another "Yup! You gotta get wet!" weekend. We were in search of some fun in the sun and instead spent the weekend in the cold rain. Don't get me wrong. We loved every minute of it. We started the adventure with kayaking. We had to change our plans a bit and left a day later so we crammed our 3 day kayaking adventure into 2 days. That meant extra kayaking and more time to chat on the open waters. It was fun to share memories of that past 10 years. I loved it.

Here we are waiting for our dinner while camping. I'm sure I was really cold at this point. In fact, I think I was really cold almost the entire time. Thank goodness for the hot tub that would help out the next day!

Because I was so cold, and the firewood was all to wet to get a fire to warm us up, we got into our two-man tent to eat our yummy dessert. And because we really didn't have much else to do, we took lots of pictures of us eating our yummy dessert. We were trying to get just the right picture to capture the moment. Now I can't decide which one we liked best so I added a few of the many we took.

The second day of kayaking was my favorite. The camera got packed into a wet bag so I didn't have pictures of it all. The waters were much calmer the second day which made the kayaking easier. We also saw sea otters, tons of herons and other birds, and maybe even a shark!! What do you say to that, Rick?! It always made me laugh when a sea otter would pop it's head up right in front of us. Makes you wonder how much was going on underneath us! We stopped on an island for a little hike and we picked up a crab and found that it's baby was clutched in it's arm. Cute! After a total of 8 hours and 30 miles of kayaking in two days, we had a good lunch and then headed for our cabin in the woods. If you ever want a fun place to stay at Mt. Rainier, and you aren't bringing kids (we tried to have ours come but the host said absolutely no kids under 10!) I would recommend you stay here. We loved it. I had to include a picture of the hot tub because it was the thing that kept us sane when we were being rained and snowed on. And no, that's not Rick in the hot tub and it's also not someone we ever had to share the hot tub with. It's just the picture I got from the website.

We had time to go on one hike in Mt. Rainier. I was glad my Dad told us to go on it It was absolutely gorgeous. A little more than 10 years ago, Rick and I visited Mt. Rainier as an engaged couple. I was amazed by this mountain then and was once again in awe at the beauty.
I especially loved the wildflowers. I suppose I get that from my Dad. I just can't get enough of them. I'll admit, they even make me a bit giddy. I had so much fun taking pictures of the flowers.

I'm not quite as good as he is at taking pictures but this one makes me happy.

Did I mention yet that it was raining on us while we were hiking. We didn't have access to Internet or phone, so I had no idea what the forecast was. And I refused to believe that we were going to have yet another wet and cold day. So I put on my shorts and chacos and set out for the hike. Turned out, everyone else knew the forecast for the day. We were the only ones in shorts and I was certainly the only one in sandals. My toes were little ice cubes and I kept wondering at what point you can get frost bite. I had to take this picture of the snow on the ground because I couldn't believe it was so cold in August!!

It was worth it to see waterfalls like this one. The picture takes in about half of the waterfall.

At the end of our hike we were supposed to have a view like the one on the right. The picture on the left is the one we took. Instead of the awesome view of the mountain, we had a view of the snow. Not what we had planned on but I still loved it. We pretty much ran back down the mountain. Mostly because I was so cold, but also because we knew that the hot tub, without the random guy, was waiting for us at the end of the hike.

We took this video at the top of the hike. Just like our wet hike in the Escalante 10 years ago, it wasn't what we had planned on but really it made it even better. Mostly I just loved spending that time with Rick. As we drove into town, I turned to him and said my goodbyes. It's just not the same when your surrounded by kids, family, friends and everything else that takes up our time and energy. I miss that time with him and am excited for another weekend getaway. And I won't even complain if it's another wet weekend.


Stephanie said...

I just love the getaways you two have. It's such a good example to me to always make marriage your #1 priority. And good flower shots. I love taking pictures of flowers as well. Dad must have instilled it in both of us.

And yes, I am posting this at 3:34am. Jaxon decided to join us in bed, therefore I am now kicked out. Thanks for having something to keep me occupied before attemping to fall back asleep

Elisabeth said...

I'm also sure you were able to keep each other nice and warmed up. Happy 10 years!

Also Happy belated Birthday! I remembered!

Robin said...

WHAT!?!? OK. Ice-cream for EVERY meal and no bedtime. Heh Heh.

brenda said...

Why have I not read your blog in so long??? It's great! You are quite the blogger with all your links and photos and videos. I'm so impressed.

I'm sorry your kayak trip was rainy. I remember being exhausted when we got to our 2nd stop. And food tasted so good. Didn't you love how buff your biceps felt?