Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Abbie!

Happy 9 years to you Miss Abbie! Abbie likes to have as much fun as possible so her birthday week was great. Now that she's older I don't have to do any party planning. She decided exactly what to eat, the games we should play, who to invite, what she would have for breakfast, lunch, dinner-every little detail. She's a planner like her mom.

At her B-day party (held a few days early because her actual birthday was a busy day) she wanted hot dogs, chips and pop. I put out some fruit in an attempt to make it at least a little healthy but noone was interested. Oh, and notice the missing front tooth. Abbie, also like her mom, has been very slow at losing teeth. Until this point she had only lost two. We were hoping she would lose another before her big party so when it fell out the day before we were all thrilled. Abbie picked classic games for her fall party. Donut on a string is always a hit. The adults had to try it as well-Rick was the champ. Steph and I were laughing to hard to swallow.
Bobbing for apples-The adults had no desire to try this one out but the kids liked it.
A pinata was also on the list of things that we had to do. I'm not so sure we'll ever try that one again. Too stressful for everyone. All of my kids cried at least once during it and I was sure someone was going to get hurt. But we survived and the kids will only remember the fun. Musical chairs was also on the list. I didn't get pictures of this but I did record what Emily was doing during it.
I love this picture! Taken right as Abbie was making a wish. I loved making birthday wishes as a kid. Magic. And notice the awesome cake! You can see a better picture of it on Steph's blog. She never ceases to amaze me. On Abbie's actual birthday we started the day with crepes for breakfast and then I sent her off to school. I had fun meeting her at school for lunch and was glad I made it through the four-minutes-of-silence without talking. Love that toothless grin!
Steph provided a B-day afternoon school snack and then Heather took over while I taught piano. They made grahm cracker castles and ate lots of candy. She went straight from Heather's to soccer practice where we brought cupcakes to share with the team.
Then she had her favorite dinner, salmon lingunie. She didn't eat much because of all the other yummy stuff she had eaten, plus she had to save room for donuts! Too much junk-I know. But it's a party! Steph had already made her fancy cake and I wouldn't even attempt to make one myself so this is what she got. Of course, it was what she requested as well. And here she is with her favorite present, a new pony for her dolls. The picture was supposed to be with just with her aunts because they gave her the pony, but I was feeling left out so I snuck in at the last minute. Abbie planned the perfect birthday for herself and had a perfect day (minus a few traumatic moments-probably a result of all the sugar she had that day!)I had to include this picture of Holly as well. We had given her a cookie, left the room and came back just moments later to find it smeared all over her face. Very impressive. And this picture of my lovely hairdo. I let Connor and Emily have at it and this is what they accomplished. They were both very proud of it and were mad when I finally said I was done.
Isn't life great?!


Stephanie said...

What a fun filled post! I love it! That's it, if Jakes going to specialize, it has got to be here! That would mean I could be making cakes for Abbie until she's13!!!! And I just want you to know, I took that picture of Abbie making the wish. :) That sure is a fun moment to capture.

Stephanie said...

Oh, and Emily on the horse?!? That girl cracks me up. You got great footage of it. Did she even know that you were filiming?

Patrick and Paige said...

love the pictures!!!! Your kids are so cute! I love the donut cake. Awesome!!!

Julie said...

Happy birthday Abbie! What a fun week! Amazing how fast these kids are growing up. She'll be a Beehive before we all know it. Ugh! It goes just wayyyy to fast!

Oh, and Heidi, I love the hairdo. I think you should sport that one to church. :-)

Stacie Raddatz said...

Looks like the adults had as much fun as the kids. How cool. That was some party. My kids would love you for a mom around their big day. You and the "aunts" are awesome.

Tonya said...

Sophia had a great time at the party! Emily cracked me up in that video. So funny. I LOVE the donut cake:0) We have had that kind of a cake more than once in our house. Nice hair-do. You lasted longer than I would have.

hedrad said...

I know everyone has already said this but that video of Emily is HILARIOUS!!! It looks like I missed out on a lot of excitement on Saturday. Thanks for posting about it.

brenda said...

You are the best mom! Thanks for that great party. And I think you should send Emily's video to the Decemberists. Maybe they could enlist her for a future video.