Friday, November 7, 2008

October at the Bruno's

It seems every blog I have read in the past week have included soccer, pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins and Halloween costumes. It's Fall! Well, I hate to disappoint but this post is going to be exactly the same-only with different, and of course I think cuter, kids. We had plenty of soccer in October between Abbie and Connor. They did great and we all enjoyed getting out of the house every Saturday morning. I love this action shot of Connor.
This isn't the best picture but if you look hard enough you can see Connor doing a victory cheer for a goal just scored.

Abbie has been playing with the same team and for the same coaches for a few years now. They rarely lose a game and love being together. I hope it last for a long time.
We also went to two soccer parties. Both kids were thrilled with their trophies/medals.

We made a couple of trips to pumpkin patches in October but bought our pumpkins at Winco. I couldn't pass up a trip to a pumpkin patch but can do without the high prices!

Carving Pumpkins!!

I'll let the kids explain their creations themselves.

Time to dress up! Here I am with my cute little Bumble Bee.

It was exhausting getting everyone in costume AND getting pictures. Well worth the work.
Align Center
We have a number of pictures of Holly trying to take her costume off. She got real sick of it.
Abbie has never been the princess type. The past years she has dressed up as a witch, bat, ghost and now a vampire. She likes the classics.
Connor as a Ninja with the little Chick-a-dee hiding behind him.

And I had to get a picture with our black Halloween cat. How perfect is that! We loved having Stella around for Halloween and will be sad to see her go next week.
Jaxon's batman wings were a hit.
We had two very fun parties during the week. Don't let Sage and Holly convince you otherwise.
Rick and his deacons put together a spooky haunted room for our ward Halloween party. Emily still talks about it. It was all very innocent but I wouldn't be surprised if she has had a few scary dreams since then.
I also organized a Progressive Halloween Party for about 50 kids. The kids didn't have school on Halloween so it was nice to have something to do. We had 4 different homes that the kids rotated through every 30 minutes. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I shared a favorite story with the kids while they were at my house-"A Scary Story...But Not Too Scary".

And then it was finally time to Trick-or-Treat. We were die-hards and had a great time. It was so fun to walk around in the dark and get candy. I love it! And we didn't even get rained on. These three took breaks in the stroller and always had some kind of candy they were working on.

Big Butts! Gotta love 'em. I have such cute sisters!
This super creepy guy offered us a ride home after hours of trick-or-treating. We were exhausted enough that we all crammed in.
For some reason I don't think there are enough seat belts for all of these people. We were cramming in African style!
The one unique thing about our October was that we had four little kittens to keep us company. Holly has loved it most of all and often as a kitten in her arms. They have survived it just like you survived this super long post. Imagine!


vaxhacker said...

Looks like you guys had a fun October. And there's something to be said in favor of soccer games and pumpkin patches. At least if mine had more of those than things like the huge political post I made yesterday, there'd be a bit less contention in all the comments flying back and forth :) (Not that they're not still interesting to read, but still...)

Anyway, congrats to the kids for their trophies/medals, and if we don't get a chance to visit with you before then, have a happy Thanksgiving!

Ben and Heidi said...

Oh, your pictures make me wish we were up there! It looks like you had a fun Halloween. I'm sure missing it up there.

Julie said...

I loved the chick costume! Your kids are so fun and cute. I'm sorry we missed the progressive party--just wayyyy to much going on that day.

Breezy said...

So good to see new posts from you. The family looks great. Looks like a busy October. Greyson wasn't so fond of his costume either, we're hoping for better luck next year.

Stace said...

How do you do it all? I have been waiting for this post to see all the kids dressed up. Thanks. I like that Halloween party idea.

brenda said...

That post has the best collection of pictures EVER. Especially the beautiful witch and her black kitty, super-scary Rick, and the family picture with the pumpkins--that one is priceless. Fun!