Sunday, December 21, 2008


I wish I had counted all the times I said or heard the word 'canceled' in the past week. It all started last Sunday morning when we got at least 5 phone calls letting us know church had been canceled because of the snow. Being a Utahn, I always chuckle when things get canceled because of a dusting of snow. But I wasn't complaining! I can always use a break from church. And we had fun spending the day playing in the snow and eating lots of yummy food. Snow doesn't visit Oregon often so when it does we make the most of it.
Yummy snow! What is it about snow that makes it so fun to eat?
Holly spent most of her time indoors. I could only dress and undress her so many times. The other kids spent hours and hours outside. Especially Abbie. She loved every minute of it.

Our neighbor has a great sledding hill. Even Holly took a turn! I was having so much fun watching and recording her turn down the hill I didn't even notice I was standing right in the sledding path!

We had our fun day of snow and thought things would go back to normal. Snow doesn't normally last long around here. This week has not been normal. School was canceled the next day, and the next and ended up being canceled for the entire week. All church activities were canceled for the week as well. Get togethers were canceled and trips to the store were canceled. The roads don't get plowed and it continued to snow off and on during the week.

Today was the first day I felt like there was a good enough reason to cancel everything. We woke up to a beautiful covering of ice over everything. It snowed most of the day yesterday and then a layer of freezing sealed it all in. Here's a picture of the car covered in ice.

Abbie and I went on a walk and crunched through the layer of ice to check out our ice covered world. It is beautiful!

We had fun breaking off layers of ice from the snow. This was one of our biggest chunks of ice.
And indulge me with a few pictures of the trees covered in ice. Every little needle gets coated. I love it.

I understood when they decided to once again cancel church but wasn't as excited about it this time. I was sad to miss the Christmas Sunday. We did get together with friends to have our own "church" and were glad to sing the Christmas songs together and share Christmas stories. The saddest cancellation of the week is Stephanie's flight back home. She went to Utah for the weekend and is now stuck there for a few days. The airport has been shut down off and on because of all the freezing rain. We are all praying really hard that she makes it home soon. We miss her already!

I'm curious to see what the coming week brings. Luckily, there isn't much left to be canceled. We are hoping Rick finally gets to stay home-no cancellation yet with that. What a relief that no one can call up and say that Christmas is canceled! Our Christmas chain is quickly diminishing and we are ready for it to come. Luckily, we visited Santa and got our tree before the snows came. This picture of the kids with Santa is classic. We only tortured Holly long enough to get a picture. Then we let the other kids enjoy their moment with Santa.
We found the perfect tree, took a group photo

and cut it down. Cutting down our own Christmas tree is one of my favorite things about Christmas in Oregon. After we cut down the tree we drank hot chocolate and came home to decorate the tree. Now that we are ready, we just need to get Stephanie home and then LET IT SNOW!


Elisabeth said...

You'll always remember (and the kids too) the year everything was canceled. I hope Stephanie makes it home soon. There is a storm coming in tonight.Merry Christmas!

Patrick and Paige said...

LOCK LOLLY LAND is my favorite tree farm. Fun fun. I love your pictures and videos. I have not been out to play in it at all this year yet. I usually get right out there to sled and play. I have been a bit bah hum buggish lately. glad to see you are enjoying it.

Danielle said...

Crazy how the snow has lasted so long, and the ice got us stranded at my parents house. I too was sad to have church cancelled the week before Christmas. Good luck to Stephanie--hope she gets home safe.

Stephanie said...

Well, well, well. That post was a bit too optimistic for me. : ) I really shouldn't have made fun of all the cancellations. I'll never take Oregon weather lightly again. I hope I get home. When you said your chain is getting short it made me anxious. Let's cancel Christmas until Saturday how bout?

vaxhacker said...

Isn't this amazing? I've lived in Portland all my life (mostly), and I don't EVER remember this much snow here.

I'm bummed about church being cancelled the last two weeks, though. Okay, it may be for a really shallow reason, but I really look forward to the Christmas hymns during sacrament meeting!

Mirm said...

I really hope Steph makes it home too. She has all of your FUDGE!!!! Of course it's probably all melted,smooshed, or just plain eaten. Steph good luck and you can always come back and stay with us. Heidi, we got a foot of snow today and holy cow. I really hate the snow. You can come and take all of ours. Almost died three times today in the car. Ask John he was driving one of those times.

Stace said...

beautiful snow pictures. Glad you are enjoying the snow. It sure makes the hoildays more cheery (as long as you don't crash your car or get stuck in the wrong state). We sure have been dumped on here also. poor steph is stranded here. she left to go the airport again this morning, but I don't know if she is on a plane to go home or on her way back to my house to sulk.

brenda said...

Your snow pictures are great! I'm glad you found a decent tree farm to go to year after year...I'll always be embarrassed about that first year when we took you to all those farms that wouldn't take VISA. Ha ha!