Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Everything worked out. Stephanie made it home safely. We all screamed and jumped up and down when she called tonight, after being at the airport all day, to let us know she was sitting on the plane and they were closing the doors. She is our little Christmas Miracle and we are so grateful she can be with her family for Christmas. The forecast says snow all night and now that she is home, I'm fine if it does just that. A White Christmas in Oregon is rare so this will be quite the treat for us. The storm was bad enough Sunday night that even Rick was blessed to enjoy the word 'canceled'. No work for him! Instead he stayed home to play with us and to take a picture of the lady enveloped in snow. Pretty groovy!

I hope everyone is safe with their families and that you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Stace said...

Wow. You really do have a lot of snow! Merry white Christmas!

heidi said...

Merry Christmas, Heidi!