Friday, December 26, 2008

A Yabba-Dabba-Doo Christmas!

When the kids would ask Rick what he wanted for Christmas he would tell them he wanted Cocoa Pebbles. So naturally, that's what the kids wanted to give him for Christmas. Stephanie knew he loved them as well and also thought it would be the perfect gift. So Rick ended up with enough Cocoa Pebbles to last for a week (the way he eats them). My Dad, who is older and wiser, asked for Amazon gift cards. Instead of 4 boxes of cereal, he got 4 gift cards for Amazon and used it to buy a cool camera bag and still had leftover money for whatever he wants. I'm curious to see if Rick asks for cereal again next year. Cause, around here, you get what you ask for. And everyone seemed very happy getting just want they wanted. Even Rick.

Christmas Highlights:
Singing at the rest home with my sisters and their families. It made us all happy to brighten their day, even if it was for a short time.

A fabulous dinner at the Andrus' for which I made an insane amount of rolls and pies. I tend to get a bit carried away. The food was all so delicious and the company was perfect. It made it really hard to leave, but we knew we needed to get home and to bed before Santa came!
Watching Jaxon and Emily play Mary and Joseph. They were very sweet.
The beautiful angel.

And the wise men with interesting head gear.

After our Christmas Nativity we frosted cookies, opened some games and played for a little and then sent the kids to bed. We all survived the long night, anxiously waiting to see what Santa would bring and what was waiting under the Christmas tree.

The rest of the day we sat around and enjoyed all of our new, fun things, watched the snow fall and ate as much as we could. Like pie, covered in whip cream. And cereal, of course.
And we ignored the messy house as long as possible.
I love the memories and magic of Christmas. What an awesome day!


brenda said...

I've had pie for dinner for the last two nights. Not one piece, two. Thanks for leaving so many great left-overs! What did I do to deserve such a great friend?

hedrad said...

Best Christmas ever!

Stace said...

nice to see all the pictures. Well done. I didn't know Rick liked that cereal... how funny.

Dave Raddatz said...

I am impressed with all the great pictures you are taking. Makes we feel like I need to buy you a better camera. Christmas, the snow, Steph coming home, the cheese balls, about which my fellow workers are still raving, everything, made for a perfect Christmas. I felt very sad when I went back to work and people would ask how my Christmas was and I would say, PERFECT, and when I asked them how their's was, the best I got was OK, I guess. I am so very blessed to have such incredible children. Thank you.

Breezy said...

Oh looks like a great Christmas. Greyson played Joseph in our little family play and since then he walks around with a blanket over his head. It's quite cute. We assigned parts that night and everyone had to ransack the house for costumes. I only got video and not pics but there were some elaborate costumes. By the way we'll be up there Jan 16th through the 19th. We'll be painting and staging our home.

Tonya said...

The Cocoa Pebbles are a crack up! I think Amazon gift cards might be a better request next year because then the left over moneys could go towards Cocoa Pebbles. Too funny! I am glad to see that I am not the only sugar cereal buyer. Great pictures of the kids and awesome that you ignored that mess for as long as possible. I cleaned up after each present was opened. I should probably chill on that next year:0)

Tami said...

Emily makes a cute little Mary. Jeff got Hot Sauce from our kids. What does that say about our husbands???? You got the sweat one I got the HOT one!

Tami said...

That should say SWEET - Although I've been around Rick and he does sweat alot too.

Stephanie said...

Tammi is funny! And thanks for adding the picture of the pie. Yum....I want more