Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For Christmas Rick had our home videos converted onto DVD's. It's been so fun to watch and remember. It's also a good reminder of how very different a first child is treated. Any little thing Abbie ever did was captured on film. She knew everything we could possibly teach her and we took such great joy in all of it. My blog 9 years ago would have been filled with her everyday achievements.

Four kids later and things have changed. We hardly ever remember to take out the video camera and there are only half the pictures there were before. Poor Holly. Her milestones creep up on us so quickly where as with Abbie we anxiously waited for her to do the next thing. Holly's lucky to get one or two Christmas/Birthday presents and rarely gets a new outfit bought just for her. And I used up too many hours of reading to kids when Abbie and Connor were little. Holly has to beg to get her turn now.

But there is one thing that hasn't changed and never will. I love my little Holly just as much and can't imagine life without her. It amazes me that each child can bring me so much joy and love. Each in their own unique way.

Today I took Holly to a well-child checkup. Of course I was a few months off and the only reason I really took her in was to get advice for her awful rash on her face and to get caught up on her vaccines. But I loved those few precious moments just with her. I loved hearing her chatting, in her own cute way, with the Doctor. I loved watching her empty and fill the drawer of books as we waited. I loved hearing that she, like all of my children always are, is in the 90th percentile of weight and head circumference. And I was surprised that after all the times my kiddos have had shots, I still found myself holding back the tears.
So here's to you Holly. Thanks for letting me relive all those things I cherish about raising a toddler.
I'm awful at documenting "firsts", especially now. But this is one first that needed to be published. Holly has been trying to jump ever since Sage learned how. She would always bend down real good and then stand up super fast. That sufficed. But now she's got it down and she loves it. As do I!
And even though this is supposed to be a "Holly" post, the reality of it is, she shares the stage with three other kids and a very busy mommy. So a quick recap of January:

The week of parties turned into a month of parties. We were lucky enough to have my brother Mark come stay with us for the weekend. He kept us up real late playing games. We loved having him here! We also celebrated Steph and Heather's birthdays with lots of fun parties. And Rick and I even got a weekend away. We went both downhill and cross country skiing. Thanks to Heather for being the world's best baby sitter. Now I'm looking forward to a party free weekend so we can get some much needed yard work done (hint hint).
One last video. While Emily was very patiently waiting for Heather to come for her birthday party, she sat looking out the window for more than 30 minutes, singing songs about birthdays, Heavenly Father, eating, purple shirts, and appearing on computers. Enjoy!


Patrick and Paige said...

Your kids are so cute. I can sympathize with you regarding Holly. I am the youngest of 7 children. I was always told that the youngest gets whatever she wants, but no memories. there are very few pictures of me as a child. barely any videos, and my baby book sits virtually empty. I had an amazing childhood, it just wasn't captured so I could view it later. All I have are the memories and special moments in my heart. I hope to be better about taking pictures and video when I have kids. Thank you for your post. Keep up the great blogging. your kids will thank you one day for all your efforts to capture their precious moments.

Andrea Lei said...

That is absolutley darling! I love her little nonsense song. I can't believe she sat there for so long!
I too can empathize with you. Savannah has 3 full scrapbooks for her first 2 years. Then I had Quinn and have never opened a scrapbook since. He asked me the other day if he was ever a baby!!

Lady Fox said...

I enjoyed all the pictures and of course the little videos. Those are the times to remember. I love the little things.

Stephanie said...

That is such a cute post! I'm glad you caught Emily in the act. The actions are especially cute. And sweet little Holly. She deserved her own little post. It almost made her seem like she's not naughty.

Ben and Heidi said...

What a cute post! We miss Oregon so much! Especially me--I'm having a hard time adjusting. I love to see the updates and it just makes me wish we were there to share in the good times. Elena misses Emily too! She just sent off a card so be expecting something in the mail! I can't believe how big Holly's getting! She is so cute!

Breezy said...

That is too cute! We had a tough first week back with Greyson. He was a little ornery after being spoiled at my Mom's but the last few days have been so fun again. I love how sweet and loving he can be and it makes me excited to add to our family. Toddlers are great! Holly is so cute.

Tonya said...

I have felt so bad for Ivy in the past because she doesn't have a whole lot of pictures or videos either. I think all of us busy Mom's can relate to that! Good for you guys for getting a weekend away. Skiing sounds like a blast. We haven't made it to the mountain yet:0( I love that you gave Holly her own little post. Emily's video was great! She has a lot of personality:0)

brenda said...

I can't wait to see Emily and tell her I saw her on my computer! Good job sneaking up on her.

Stace said...

Love the videos- Holly jumping and then Emily singing. My kids are just watching too. I like all her head movements with it.

Joy Peck said...

I love watching too. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.