Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TV Day

Any fun plans we had for our spring break went out the window this morning when 3 of 4 kiddos woke up sick. So what does a good parent do? Turn on the TV. See Robin, we all do it. For my kids, a full day of TV and computer is just as good as anything else we would have ventured out to do. Connor is sure the Wii made him sick, his fever came on while he was playing it. So he stuck to the TV for today and even breaks away occasionally to get some rest in his bed.
Luckily we got Abbie and Emily's haircuts in before they got sick. Holly threw up on me during the haircuts so I had to leave for a bit to get washed up. They ended up shorter than planned but still very cute.
And I had to put this picture in. Emily is the only one not sick around here. She's got way more energy and happiness than anyone else today. Good thing she's such a good TV watcher.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoons and Other Stuff

We currently attend 9:00am church which leaves our afternoons wide open. Rick and I still have meetings and other responsibilities but the days seem so much more relaxed and I am loving it. It gives the kids a chance to play together and for the most part, they do so in peace. They are normally real good at fighting with each other but they seem to get along much better on Sundays. One Sunday afternoon they transformed the patio into something magical, perhaps a spaceship. Maybe they are looking for aliens to land. Who knows. But they were transported to somewhere much more exciting than a backyard patio.
And does it get any better than homemade cookies on a Sunday afternoon? Look at those happy faces. Today's treat was caramel popcorn as we sat around the table reading. We spent the afternoon visiting Grandpa at work and then came home and played with cars. I love the family time we get and the wisdom in keeping Sunday as a special day. We don't seem to find that time as easily during the week.
Maybe it's because we are busy with sports. Connor just finished up his first fun season of basketball. He was often laughing as he ran up and down the court and whenever anyone made a basket he cheered as if he had made the basket himself. Now he is playing baseball with Dad as the coach and Abbie has started up spring soccer. The kids love the time with friends and I love that they are exercising.
We are also busy celebrating fun holidays. The kids were very pleased with the treasure under the rainbow.

We also had fun attending music group performances put on by Stephanie.

Emily did awesome on her solo. Very cute.

And I found time to get a haircut. I got bangs for the first time since middle school when the goal was to make your bangs as big as possible. I'm still getting used to fixing them (down-not up like I used to) every morning but overall am happy to have a change.
Thanks to Emily for being my photographer.
This week the kids are on spring break. Normally I would use the break to adventure to different places. Not this time. I'm not sure why. I'm happy to sleep in (wishful thinking) and stay in pajamas till noon. Maybe I'm hoping the kids will find themselves transported to a different planet as they have a little extra time just to use their imagination.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday deserves it's own post. Such an exciting day. It started out like always. Rick and I began trying to drag the kids out of bed at 7:00. By 7:30 they were finally all up and somewhere in the middle of eating, getting dressed, and brushing teeth. We were out the door by 7:45, Abbie and Connor made it to school on time, and I was running with some buddies by 8:00. It was a fabulous run on a sunny day.

When I got home and saw that in the hour that I was gone I had 5 messages I figured something was up. One message was from the school letting me know Abbie had thrown up in the classroom and was waiting in the office to be picked up. Poor Abbie. It was destined for two reasons that she would throw up yesterday morning. First of all, Stephanie had borrowed my carpet cleaner and just about every time she borrows it, someone throws up. Second, I had cursed Abbie by telling her I hoped she would throw up on the morning of March 12. I know, I'm a horrible mom. And very selfish. I was after her ticket to see the musical "Wicked" for that night and figured if she was sick I would get the ticket. Of course, it was all a joke, and I didn't really want her to get sick, but I probably got her so worked up about NOT getting sick, that she DID get sick. She missed a full day of Flop and Read and the Science Fair.

Little did we know, but there was another reason Abbie was destined to throw up that morning. Had she not, she couldn't have played midwife to KC and watched four little kittens be born! Just an hour after we got her home KC went into labor. I was headed out the door to teach Art Lit at the school and was so grateful that Stephanie was more than willing to come be a midwife with Abbie. KC wouldn't let Abbie leave her side so it was such a blessing she was home. My cat always picked me to be with her when she had her babies and I love how KC has picked Abbie. It's very cute.
Another one of the early morning phone calls was to let me know that a piano student was sick and wouldn't be able to come. The lesson would have been right during the excitement of the kitties being born.
I realize it's not very well accepted to let your cat have multiple litters of kittens. But come on!! How can you resist these delectable things?!

Having said that, this is officially the last time we will let KC have kittens. She's too grouchy when she's pregnant (not much different from humans)! So if you've been holding off on getting your own Bruno kitten, this is your last chance! The rest of the day was perfect. It was a sunny day. We went to Costco (I love Costco) and restocked on vegetables and fruit-I was having major withdrawals. Rick took Connor, Emily and Holly to the Science Fair while I was taught how to be a better RS president at a training meeting and Abbie got to see "Wicked" with Heather and loved it. Sad to say, but I was just as happy to sit on my couch and watch "The Office" and "30 Rock" instead of using the coveted ticket. I was glad she was able to see such an awesome performance. Even if she did start the day by throwing up.

Monday, March 9, 2009

When Someone Cries

About a year ago, when we went in to get this picture taken...

the kids watched a movie in the waiting room. I was glad for the distraction. I tend to get a little uptight when it comes to picture taking time. That's why it rarely happens. Anyway, I was not a bit interested in the movie so I thought I'd have some fun with the kids. I pretended to cry to see if I could distract them from the movie and was so amazed with the results.
Abbie broke away from the show to repeatedly ask me, in a very stressed way, why I was crying. "What's wrong? What? Why are you crying? What!?"

Connor turned from the tv long enough to look at me and laugh and then went right back to watching the show.

Emily couldn't stand it for a minute and immediately had to come comfort me with a big hug.
My little experiment said so much about each of my kids. Abbie does not like it when people are sad but isn't sure what to do about it. Connor is often too clueless to care. And Emily does whatever she has to to make people happy. Of course, this doesn't apply every time with all of the kids, but it's pretty close.

Holly was too young at the time for the experiment to work. So I tried it on her more recently. I got a whole new reaction. She tries real hard not to smile, and then starts telling whoever is around, "Mommy's crying, Mommy's crying." Sometimes no one is around. She still just calmly states, "Mommy's crying, Mommy's crying." It cracks me up. I suppose she's a mix between Connor and Abbie.

As for myself, comforting others isn't something I was born to do. I see myself most like Abbie when it comes to that. I'm trying to be better at comforting and certainly pray for help. Part of my problem is that I so rarely cry myself. I remember being at girls camp when everyone was bawling there heads off and wondering what was wrong with me! I've come to accept that it's just how I was made. Doesn't mean I don't feel things, my tear ducts just don't overflow as much as others.

Lesson learned: some of us are just born with more compassion than others. Luckily those with less compassion have other qualities that we can't live without. It all comes back to that big puzzle and being the piece we were made to be. That's what makes a perfect picture.