Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoons and Other Stuff

We currently attend 9:00am church which leaves our afternoons wide open. Rick and I still have meetings and other responsibilities but the days seem so much more relaxed and I am loving it. It gives the kids a chance to play together and for the most part, they do so in peace. They are normally real good at fighting with each other but they seem to get along much better on Sundays. One Sunday afternoon they transformed the patio into something magical, perhaps a spaceship. Maybe they are looking for aliens to land. Who knows. But they were transported to somewhere much more exciting than a backyard patio.
And does it get any better than homemade cookies on a Sunday afternoon? Look at those happy faces. Today's treat was caramel popcorn as we sat around the table reading. We spent the afternoon visiting Grandpa at work and then came home and played with cars. I love the family time we get and the wisdom in keeping Sunday as a special day. We don't seem to find that time as easily during the week.
Maybe it's because we are busy with sports. Connor just finished up his first fun season of basketball. He was often laughing as he ran up and down the court and whenever anyone made a basket he cheered as if he had made the basket himself. Now he is playing baseball with Dad as the coach and Abbie has started up spring soccer. The kids love the time with friends and I love that they are exercising.
We are also busy celebrating fun holidays. The kids were very pleased with the treasure under the rainbow.

We also had fun attending music group performances put on by Stephanie.

Emily did awesome on her solo. Very cute.

And I found time to get a haircut. I got bangs for the first time since middle school when the goal was to make your bangs as big as possible. I'm still getting used to fixing them (down-not up like I used to) every morning but overall am happy to have a change.
Thanks to Emily for being my photographer.
This week the kids are on spring break. Normally I would use the break to adventure to different places. Not this time. I'm not sure why. I'm happy to sleep in (wishful thinking) and stay in pajamas till noon. Maybe I'm hoping the kids will find themselves transported to a different planet as they have a little extra time just to use their imagination.


Alesha said...

Those are the best of times that people talk about. When you ever have a bad day then look back at this blog page and remember those good moments. Oh, What am I talking about, You are such a awesome mom, I am sure you have a lot of those good moments.

Julie said...

Don't you just love the simple things in life?! I read about Connor's fun sports things and thought, "Ah yes, this is when it all begins." All the crazy (but fun) running around getting kids to all their activities. What a great time of life!

Your hair looks super cute! Love the bangs!

Patrick and Paige said...

Enjoy your STAY-CATION!!!!

Lady Fox said...

Sounds like life is good and I'm happy for you. Someday we hope to be able to play with you all.

brenda said...

I hope everyone is better! The haircuts all look great. Connor looks so wise in the picture with the rainbow.