Monday, April 20, 2009


Now's your chance! They are all still up for grabs but won't be for long. They will be ready to join your family next week. Let me know.


Rachel said...

How adorable! The kids, not the kittens. Sorry, I'm not a big cat fan. Though Maura would take all of them if I would let her. Hope you guys had a great Easter. We miss you!

Stephanie said...

Oh ya, that easter picture is so sweet! I'm kind of glad all these ones are fluffy, because the temptation is not as great. (not that there is anything wrong with fluffy kittens, and anyone would be VERY lucky to own one!) Although if I could, I'd take Kit in a heartbeat

Andrea Lei said...

I was going to say the same thing Rachel did! I thought the kittens were darling, but not nearly as darling as your kids!

brenda said...

So soon? I need to snuggle them some more.

Lorie said...

Hi Heidi,

Taylor would love a kitty, if you
have any left - she would prefer a girl. PLEASE let me know

Lorie Solin