Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm a bit late but still wanted to post about my boy's birthday! On May 2nd Rick turned 35 and Rick Connor turned 8. A little over eight years ago when we were trying to decide what to name Connor, I told Rick that if he were born on his birthday, he could pick the name (truth is, I knew the chances were super slim so I felt safe in the offer). Now I can't imagine Connor having a different birthday or the boys not sharing the same name and birthday. It's perfect. And in a month we'll find out if they will remain the only two boys in the family! They both threaten that they'll move out if it's another girl-I think we can convince them otherwise. Girls aren't that bad.

Rick started off the day with a bike ride that ended 25 miles sooner than it was suppose to because of a bad tire. Not the best start to his day but Connor couldn't have been happier to wake up and play the Wii.

Steph made cupcakes for Rick and Connor's baseball team. Very cute, as always.
And he got a super awesome Star Wars cake. So spoiled!Rick got some extra good cupcakes. We kept Steph busy for this party.
It's always fun to celebrate the birthday of two of my very favorite people on the same day. I love you Rick and Connor!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

OK, so maybe we forced the crazy hair just a bit but both kids were very happy with the results. There is always that fear that you will be the only one with the crazy hair. Here they are checking out each others do's. We were extra excited about Connor's glowing backpack straps. Very cool.
Emily's crazy hair requires absolutely no work. This is how it looks every morning and many of the days when neither of us have the patience to tame it. Why do anything to such awesome curls on such a cute girl?

Happy Birthday Holly

I should be surprised that my baby is already two but she's been acting like a two-year-old for months so now she can really act her age. Nothing like having a two-year-old around the house. One minute they make you crazy, the next they melt your heart. Holly has us wrapped around her fingers and we love her to pieces.

We spent he day partying. It worked out perfectly that I had preschool for Emily that morning. When the kids showed I told them we were going to have a party for Holly and they just felt so lucky that they had been invited to the party! Don't worry, I didn't tell them that it just happened out that way. We celebrated by decorating cookies, ring-around-the-roses, duck-duck-goose (Holly's favorite-she LOVED the excuse to walk around a circle, hitting people on the head), and 5 little monkeys swinging in a tree. Holly was delightful the entire time.

After a long nap at Steph's she went to Heather's for party number two while I taught piano. From what the kids say, this party was very magical. It involved candy and clues in balloons. What a fun aunt!

Holly was very happy to open presents and did a fabulous job. So grown up. And would you look at this cake! What 2-year-old gets a tiered cake with butterflies and flowers? It was gorgeous. My kids lucked out with some awesome aunts. Things just won't be the same when they move away. It's back to cake in a 9 X 13 pan. Boring!
Holly was so excited to blow out her candles she almost caught her hair on fire. But she made it unscathed and loved digging into a plate of cake and ice cream-a perfect end to a perfect day.
She melted our hearts that day and drove us crazy the next. Just like a two-year-old should.

Feeling Lucky

We went to the Woodburn Tulip Festival when we first moved here and I loved it. I've shied away from it since then because of horror stories of waiting in a line of cars for hours to get in and then the tulip farm being way to overcrowded. But the flowers were calling me this year and I couldn't say no. My dad was excited to go and Steph is always up for whatever is going on. I love that about her. I knew my lack of patience meant that a Saturday trip was out of the question. So instead, we took the kids out of school a few hours early and made the hour drive.

When we got to the exit, cars were backed up pretty bad and I panicked that a sunny Friday afternoon was going to be just as bad as a Saturday. Turned out the traffic was regular Woodburn traffic and once we got out of town we had the roads to ourselves. Thanks to dad we lucked out with a real close parking spot so we didn't waste any time with the big photo shoot. And the weather was PERFECT. Sunny but not too hot. And that was after a week of lots of rain. Here are some of my favorite pics from the day.

The tram ride was very exciting and we were SO impressed with Dad when he decided to walk on the return trip instead of ride back on the tram. He was such a trooper to walk so much with us that day and is having a great recovery.
This made me miss the many windmills I would see on my mission. I served in Northern Germany and one of my areas was only one train stop from Holland. Much of my area was filled with tulip fieds and windmills.
And this is my favorite picture from the day. Jaxon wanted to be in every picture that he could. Whenever I would tell him to move so I could get just a picture of Em, he would find a way to get out of the way but still be part of the picture.