Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm a bit late but still wanted to post about my boy's birthday! On May 2nd Rick turned 35 and Rick Connor turned 8. A little over eight years ago when we were trying to decide what to name Connor, I told Rick that if he were born on his birthday, he could pick the name (truth is, I knew the chances were super slim so I felt safe in the offer). Now I can't imagine Connor having a different birthday or the boys not sharing the same name and birthday. It's perfect. And in a month we'll find out if they will remain the only two boys in the family! They both threaten that they'll move out if it's another girl-I think we can convince them otherwise. Girls aren't that bad.

Rick started off the day with a bike ride that ended 25 miles sooner than it was suppose to because of a bad tire. Not the best start to his day but Connor couldn't have been happier to wake up and play the Wii.

Steph made cupcakes for Rick and Connor's baseball team. Very cute, as always.
And he got a super awesome Star Wars cake. So spoiled!Rick got some extra good cupcakes. We kept Steph busy for this party.
It's always fun to celebrate the birthday of two of my very favorite people on the same day. I love you Rick and Connor!


Lady Fox said...

Happy birthday guys! Looks like the cakes were delicious. Hopefully Stephanie will make a cake for the special occasion I am trying to organize this summer. (That being me coming to visit. Hee Hee.)

Stephanie said...

Cool cakes!

abbadabba said...

that was fun

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday to the Bruno boys! Stephanies cakes are always so cute.

brenda said...

Wow, I'm way late, but happy birthday boys! Awesome cakes!

And we are excited for Connor's baptism.

Tami said...

Can't wait to find out if you'll have another Bruno boy or girl!