Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Beaverton Stage

Heather recently moved in with us for the summer. One afternoon she came home from teaching to the usual chaos that four kids make. Holly was fending for herself in the front yard, Emily, as always, was singing and dancing around the house, Abbie had been assinged to the piano and Connor to the couch with a book, and I was making dinner. There was plenty of distraction. Heather took it all in and let me know just how lucky I was. With so many ways to focus my energy, little time is left to worry about those things that really don't matter. I thanked her for the reminder and realized the wisdom in it. I am grateful for kids who have kept me anxiously engaged in good causes and have brought me joy because of it.

My kids have had the chance to shine on the Beaverton Stage many times this past month. And because I have such cute kids, and because we have been anxiously engaged with lots of stuff, and because creating a baby requires extra sleep which means little blog time, there will be lots and lots of pictures as I play catch up.

First off, DANCE. The pictures speak for themselves.

Abbie decided to take dance as well and did awesome! We loved watching both of them.

PIANO RECITALS-Abbie and Connor played solos, duets and were even in 2-piano, 8 hands number that involved popping balloons. That was their favorite.

SPORTS-Abbie's soccer team remained undefeated all season, and Rick and Connor have spent many fun hours on the baseball field.
Connor has the chance to play all positions. He has the catcher stance down perfectly.
SCOUTS-Connor's 8th birthday meant he was finally old enough to start scouts. I'm still trying to figure it all out and am also trying to have a good attitude. I remember my mom being very involved with my brothers scouting and of course, I want to be just like my mom.
But even though he's old enough for scouts doesn't mean he's too old to sleep in a crib. I'll keep him little as long as I can (but I had nothing to do with him sleeping in the crib).
And even better, birthday number 8 meant Connor had the chance to be baptized. There are those things in a mother's life that bring an inexpressible joy. Watching your husband baptize his child is one of those moments. It is a joy that is accompanied by the Spirit making it so much more. I feel very blessed.
Connor wanted to go to Hometown Buffet to celebrate his baptism.
We all made ourselves a bit sick, especially Connor. He had to take lots of breaks to digest.
The rest of the pictures I couldn't leave off. Comparing the pictures of Connor and Jaxon makes me laugh. These two cousins don't look at all alike.

And make sure you notice the dirty tears streaks on Emily's face. We had one week (yes, only one) of perfect 70 degree weather. Emily spent most of the time outside in her bathing suit, just like a little girl should. The sad look was just for effect. She spends most of the time smiling.
Sunny weather, swimming, and ice cream=Happiness!
This was our last day with the kittens. It was hard to say goodbye. KC is fixed so their will be no more kittens. We loved them while we had them, but are glad to save KC the stress.
Rick's parents and two of the kids cousins came up for the baptism and get to stay with us all week. I'm sure we will remain as anxiously engaged as we ever are. And for that I am very grateful. Don't be fooled be the picture-none of them are asleep, nor do they fall asleep for hours to come. But they are happy!