Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Fun!

I just can't think of a better day to celebrate Emily's birthday than the 4th of July. It fits her perfectly. She was actually due the end of June and after early births with both Connor and Abbie, I planned on her being early as well. Not a week late! And not only that, I went into labor right after midnight on the 4th and she was born early that morning. It was meant to be that her birthdays would be a big fanfare from then on.

We started the day with her annual birthday breakfast and parade. We were especially excited about all the neighbors who came out to watch. The first couple years we didn't have many spectators, but this year there were a handful of people for the kids to throw candy to and to be cheered on by. My camera was having issues so I don't have any pics of the breakfast and parade. The highlight was Steph's decorated jeep that Emily was able to ride in. Very cool.

Emily and her loot.
And her awesome birthday cake made, of course, by Stephanie. It was a delicious red, white and blue ice cream cake.

This moment ended up being a bit traumatic. Holly couldn't control her excitement and jumped up on the table just in time to help blow out the candles. I didn't think much of it until Emily woke up crying the next morning that she didn't get to blow out all her candles. She was obviously very distraught about the whole thing. You wait all year to have a turn to blow out the candles. I can't blame her. We had to do it all over again the next day and make sure Holly wasn't nearby.
Emily talked us into going to Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner. I always dread going there but it turned out being the best thing. Most people have BBQ's that evening so the place was empty. Everyone was happy-even the adults.

And from there we headed to a small town parade and firework show in Vernonia. It was the perfect end to a perfect birthday celebration.

I thought it was the end of the world when I had made it to July and Emily still wasn't born. Now I see that it was well worth an extra week to be able to celebrate her birthday with parades and fireworks. What a lucky girl! And I feel just as lucky to have such an wonderful daughter. I love you Emily!


Oyama Family said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Lucy misses you SOOOO much! We never got to talk to you on your b-day but she though of you all on her own when I showed her it was July 4th...she said "Mom, that's Emily's birthday can we call her?" Well, we forgot to try that day and the next few days we didn't catch you so we will try again this week. Looks like a fun b-day, wish we caould have joined in!

Tami said...

You are my hero for going to Chuck E Cheese. I guess I used to do it too.

Kelsey said...

I love how Emily is striking a pose in all of her pictures. What a lucky birthday girl!

Stephanie said...

Love the post, just had to comment!

Stace said...

Great birthday pictures. My kids talk about about Chuck-E-cheese just about everyday. It is almost better than Disneyland. I am glad she went.