Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Fun

The first day of summer break made me a bit nervous. The kids were fighting and anxious for something to do and keeping the house clean was impossible. I realized we needed a plan and since then we have all been loving our summer. The kids are great to do their jobs and we try to find lots of fun things to do to keep us busy. That's not to say they don't still have moments of boredom or fighting, but it's much less. Here are some of our highlights so far.

Heather is living with us for the summer. Truth is, we haven't seen much of her but love it when she is around. Especially when she watches the kids! Rick and I indulged in a weekend getaway while she stayed and watched the kids. We visited Bend for the first time and loved it. The camera stayed packed away most of the trip, but our bike ride around Sisters was beautiful. The few pictures that we did take were from a hike we went on. The book promised us fields of wildflowers and gorgeous views. Turns out we were a little early for the wildflowers, save for a few, and the day was way to cloudy for much of a view. Instead we enjoyed snow at the top and a very happy few days together.
Our next summer adventure was camping as a family at our favorite Fort Stevens. The campground is located close to the beach and to a lake where we spent most of our time. We ate lots of marshmellows and played in the sun when it decided to come out.
Holly wasn't very interested in the water but she spent plenty of time playing in the sand and singing songs. For those of you who don't understand her language, she is singing "Puff the Magic Dragon".

She even found a time to take a little nap on the sand.
Our perfect weekend ended a bit rocky. Kids were carsick on the way home so we had to make lots of extra stops. Rick rode his bike home from Fort Stevens-a total of 120 miles. He also ended up sick by the end of his ride. Not enough water. If you think he looks skinny in the next picture, you should have seen him after his ride. He had lost 10 pounds because he was so dehydrated. This Saturday he plans on riding his bike 200 miles from Seattle to Portland. I think he learned his lesson about drinking plenty of water. He'll do awesome.

We also took our annual trip to Oneata Gorge. We love it there. The best part was escaping the 90+ weather to the cool gorge and the really cold water.

Rick and Abbie both took turns jumping through the waterfall.

And of course, summer means massive amounts of berries. I just can't get enough of them. We spent a day making jam and have spent many hours picking strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Yum! There will be many more berries to pick as well as a garden to harvest.
We've also enjoyed as much free stuff as we can. This area has plenty to offer. Free lunch, free movies, free entertainment, free concerts in the park, and Steph's free swimming pool. Today is cloudy and cold. We're enjoying the break from the heat but are excited to get back to all our warm activities.

Any other ideas for summer fun?


Stephanie said...

We sure do know how to have fun! I love this post, it's just as crazy as the rest.

Andrea Lei said...

Is there any chance that I saw Rick in Utah County last week? I could have sworn it was him!

Stace said...

All those places look so beautiful and fun.

meganconser said...

I love that video of Holly singing-- priceless!

Lady Fox said...

Looks like your summer is shaping up to be a good one. I'm glad you are getting all the berries you can. I love them too! The other day I made apricot jam and peach fruit leather. Delicious!

Tonya said...

Summer really is the best! Such fun activities you've been doing. We have been staying busy too, but I am a little jealous about the free swimming pool at Stephanie's place. That is the perfect summer activity for the kiddos. We also spent a day making jam with our freshly picked strawberries. So yummy!