Monday, August 31, 2009


We had some very fun visits this summer. One day was spent hanging out with Rick and Heather's click "Bruce". The click formed when I was on my mission so I feel like an honorary member. Of the six people in Bruce, one was my boyfriend, one was my sister, one was my best friend, and one was my roommate. Most of them refuse to include me but I still feel a part of it in my heart. We took the crew up the gorge for a hike. Everyone you see, plus a few you don't see, were part of the party. So fun! We BBQ'd afterward at my house and were sad to see the fun come to an end.

Emily was also able to play with Elena. This was a highlight of her summer. They were best buds when Elena lived here and Emily asked about her often once she moved away. When she heard she was coming for a visit it was almost as exciting as Christmas. We had to count down the days for her to come.
Watching parades. Wouldn't be summer without it.

Day Camp

Connor's first year of day camp. He LOVED it! I can't say the same for myself, but I did survive my one day with the boys. They have insane amounts of energy. Don't be fooled by how cute and innocent they look in this picture.The one time they did calm down was when they got their chance to shoot the guns. What is it about guns and boys. They love them! Archery was a favorite as well. Connor even got a bulls eye!
And of course lots of skits and lots of happy screaming. He would come home covered in dirt and incredibly happy.


Rick and Heather both spent months getting their bodies ready to ride their bikes from Seattle to Portland. 200 miles! That's pretty amazing. We found them along the way a few times to cheer them on.
And almost missed Rick when he crossed the finish line. He was feeling pretty wiped out after a full days bike ride and not enough liquids. But he did awesome!
My camera wasn't working so I made him pose later on for his crossing-the-finish-line picture. After trying to get the camera to work for the picture we ended with this one. I'm sure he was thinking, "Now will you let me go home?"
We got the two bikers together as well. They came in a little over an hour apart.
I have a fabulous video of Heather giving her finisher's speech but can't get it to download. So if you're interested, keep checking back.

Ward Campout

This year I took the kids to the ward campout on my own. Rick was busy riding his bike 200 miles so he was off the hook. Last year I was hanging out in Africa so he took all the kids. It was my turn this year.

The weekend was perfect. My kids loved being with their friends.

I have loved watching these two girls this summer. They are the absolute best and entertaining themselves for hours and hours. The two get together and they disappear until you drag them apart. Such a cute friendship. They spent hours at this little spot taking care of all the insects and crawdads they found.
Holly was a bit disagreeable at times but overall she did just great.

Here Goes

Summer is winding down and I'm finally ready to get it captured on my blog. Really, I think I'm just trying to find anything to keep me busy so I can put off taking a shower, cleaning my house, picking all the fruits and veggies in the backyard, taking care of my children, stuff like that. This is much more fun. And I have to use my last three months of pregnancy as an excuse to sit around as much as possible. So here goes. Prepare yourself for lots of Bruno family updates.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Going to the Doctor

I just got back from the doctor where we found out that Holly has a bladder infection. She was given two shots of antibiotics in her legs and a prescription to take care of the rest of the infection. We got to the doctor at 12:00 and were out of there a little over an hour later. If the infection doesn't clear up in the next couple days, they will do whatever steps necessary to rid her body of it.

I feel so blessed.

I hate taking the kids to the doctor. I always complain about it and put it off as long as I can. If I wait longer than 15 minutes I get irritated and if my prescription isn't ready when I go to pick it up I feel put out. Today was different.

I just finished reading, and loving, the book "The Poisonwood Bible". It is a fictional story about an American family living in Africa that helped me remember the reality of Africa. When their babies get sick they certainly don't have a doctor 5 minutes from their home. And if they are one of the few lucky ones who can make it to a doctor, the wait is hours long. And once they get in to see the doctor, the chances that the medicine they need is available is even smaller. And if there is a cost involved, most of them are out of luck. The majority of the people have to try whatever they can to heal their sick child on their own and then just wait and pray that the infection will clear. What I just witnessed happen in an hour won't happen in a lifetime for so many people.

While in Africa, I helped at a temporary medical clinic for a day. People stood in line for hours and were given a handful of tylenol to help with their many ailments. No infections were cured that day.

As always, time will pass and I'll find myself irritated in a waiting room, wondering why I've been there for more than 15 minutes. But for now, I feel overwhelmed by the luxuries we enjoy. I am grateful that after a week of watching Holly suffer, I can now watch her heal and return to her feisty two-year-old self. Too many mothers wait weeks, if not months, for the healing to come. I am so blessed.