Monday, August 31, 2009


Rick and Heather both spent months getting their bodies ready to ride their bikes from Seattle to Portland. 200 miles! That's pretty amazing. We found them along the way a few times to cheer them on.
And almost missed Rick when he crossed the finish line. He was feeling pretty wiped out after a full days bike ride and not enough liquids. But he did awesome!
My camera wasn't working so I made him pose later on for his crossing-the-finish-line picture. After trying to get the camera to work for the picture we ended with this one. I'm sure he was thinking, "Now will you let me go home?"
We got the two bikers together as well. They came in a little over an hour apart.
I have a fabulous video of Heather giving her finisher's speech but can't get it to download. So if you're interested, keep checking back.

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