Monday, August 31, 2009


We had some very fun visits this summer. One day was spent hanging out with Rick and Heather's click "Bruce". The click formed when I was on my mission so I feel like an honorary member. Of the six people in Bruce, one was my boyfriend, one was my sister, one was my best friend, and one was my roommate. Most of them refuse to include me but I still feel a part of it in my heart. We took the crew up the gorge for a hike. Everyone you see, plus a few you don't see, were part of the party. So fun! We BBQ'd afterward at my house and were sad to see the fun come to an end.

Emily was also able to play with Elena. This was a highlight of her summer. They were best buds when Elena lived here and Emily asked about her often once she moved away. When she heard she was coming for a visit it was almost as exciting as Christmas. We had to count down the days for her to come.
Watching parades. Wouldn't be summer without it.


brenda said...

Happy Birthday, in 49 minutes!

brenda said...

Happy Birthday, in 31 minutes!

Lady Fox said...

I got married just as "Bruce" was forming so I missed out too. We should form our own group "We Would Have Made Bruce Awesomer". I like that idea.

Oyama Family said...

Fun pictures of your summer! We miss you guys!