Monday, August 31, 2009

Ward Campout

This year I took the kids to the ward campout on my own. Rick was busy riding his bike 200 miles so he was off the hook. Last year I was hanging out in Africa so he took all the kids. It was my turn this year.

The weekend was perfect. My kids loved being with their friends.

I have loved watching these two girls this summer. They are the absolute best and entertaining themselves for hours and hours. The two get together and they disappear until you drag them apart. Such a cute friendship. They spent hours at this little spot taking care of all the insects and crawdads they found.
Holly was a bit disagreeable at times but overall she did just great.


Lady Fox said...

You are one tough cookie. Taking on all kids by yourself sometimes can be a bit CRAZY, but you are queen of the castle so I'm sure it was nothin' for you. Camping is such a good way to start winding down the summer.

hedrad said...

What? Brunhilda disagreeable? Never.