Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Reunion

After a very busy, fun summer I am currently sitting in a silent house. Abbie, Connor and Emily are all at their first day of school and Holly is asleep. Pictures to come. But FIRST, I might actually find time to recapture all of our wonderful summer memories (instead of cleaning the house or taking a nap to make up for waking up before 9:00 this morning!). It might have been one of the best summers ever.

In the middle of July we loaded everyone and lots of stuff into the van to make the 12 hour drive to Island Park ID. We had a new camera for the trip so we had to play with it in the car.
Don't they just looked thrilled to be driving for hours and hours?
Emily cheered up when we let her have a binki. She thought that was pretty fun.
And eventually they resorted to plastering their faces with fake cheese. You have to do something when you're stuck in a car for so many hours.

Half of us arrived at the beautiful lodge we had rented and Rick set out to find the other half. They were all hanging out at the cabin, instead of the lodge. I'm hoping Bud has forgiven me for ever considering renting the cabin. How dare I!? Holly had managed to completely soil her clothes and we were left with a pair of PJ bottoms. Rick was gone with the rest of our stuff. Sage didn't think it was fair that Holly got to go topless so she joined in the fun. They spent hours running around the cabin this way.
We finally all ended up in the same place and were so happy to be together. We were sad Mike, Stacie, Mia, Luke, Julia and Mikalann had to miss out on the gathering but are excited for next time!

We ate LOTS of yummy food,

snuck in naps when we could-at least my dad did,
played in the hot tub,
and spent many, many hours around the pool table. I couldn't keep the late hours that the boys did but from what I heard, Jake was the overall pool champ.
We also spent many happy hours around the campfire. Were we ever not laughing? Just glad Dad didn't kill over during farkle. We almost lost him to a laughing fit.When we weren't taking advantage of the lodge (not the cabin-heaven forbid), we explored the amazing nature that surrounded us. Yellowstone was less than an hour away. It continues to amaze me. I loved seeing my kids take it all in as well. Such a magical place! We were glad to have Josh join us in our family picture of one of the many geysers.
My Dad made us all hike down a long road and up a steep hill so that we could have this view. It was well worth all the grumbles from the kids. Once they got to the top they thought so too.
And here we are anxiously waiting for Old Faithful. It didn't let us down.
LOVE this picture!
Dad won the best dinner award with corn on the cob and beef, chicken and salmon skewers.
Thanks to Rick for cooking up over 50 skewers (all of which were devoured). His reward was first pick on the best skewers. Yummy!
Saying our goodbyes.
Dad having a moment.
Our sad farewell. John, Mirm and kids had to leave a day early. It was sad to see them go but we were SO glad they made the sacrifice to join us. Can't wait until we do it again. Thanks family for being so wonderful. I love you!!
Some of the many flowers that surrounded the cabin. Dad did an awesome job capturing their beauty.

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hedrad said...

Family Reunion August 2010...Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Can't wait.