Monday, September 14, 2009

Finishing Strong

I wasn't ever too anxious for school to start again. Of course, there were many moments when I wished to send the kids away for the day, but for the most part we enjoyed sleeping in and spending the day playing. With an occasional work day thrown in. This was one of them. Going through everyones clothes. Blah. I hate that job. But I was thrilled to get rid of the piles and piles of baby girls clothes. After three girls, many hand-me-downs from friends and the addition of Sage's baby clothes, we ended up with 12 bags of girls 0-2 year clothes. Ridiculous!! My baby boy won't need any of them so Steph got what she wanted from the piles and the rest were given away. Good riddance.
Other fun summer activities:

Hiking at Sliver Creek Falls with Heather, Dad and the kids. Holly was our fearless leader with map in hand.
A very magical few days with Rick on the coast to celebrate our 11 year anniversary. Thanks to Heather for watching the kids-how will I survive without that for the next year? I'm not going to lie, the pictures are a bit difficult for me to look at. Makes me want to go back!! It was a very happy few days. What a blessing to be so in love.
Hike to Hart's Cove.
View from our hotel deck. Every time we looked out we could see whales in the water. Does it get any better?
The next weekend we went camping with friends and family at Trillium Lake.
And a few days after that we celebrated my 34th B-day. My #1 goal was to bask in the sun. The clouds and rain in the morning didn't keep me from wishing and by the afternoon I was basking.
We ended up at beautiful Battleground Lake where we ate chicken,

basked, of course,

and played in the water. This look is very staged. She busted up laughing as soon as I took the picture.
Family birthday picture.
Thanks to everyone who made my special day so great. I loved every minute of it.

Abbie and I spent our last day of freedom hiking in the gorge with Steph and Heather. We decided that since we lived in Oregon, we were going to embrace the rain and not let it deter us from our hike. So glad we did. It ended up being a gorgeous day and the hike was wonderful. Heather, with her wounded knees, and myself with my extra large belly, were a bit slow hiking down, but it was still the perfect end to a perfect summer.

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hedrad said...

Thanks for documenting my last few weeks in Oregon. Good times!