Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School

Despite months of sleeping in, Abbie and Connor woke right up when the first day of school finally came. They were ready to go and have loved every minute of it.
The day was a first for Holly and Emily as well. Holly had her first playgroup.
And Emily had her first day of Kindergarten. She has been counting down for years.

The next day she even had her first bus ride.
They are all so grown up. I love it!!


Rachel said...

How cute! Collin is already wishing he was in school...and most days so am I :) We do miss the sleeping in though.

Tami said...

I haven't been checking blogs this summer. What fun pictures of wonderful memories. I loved seeing all your hikes and adventures. First day of school pictures were cute. Did you cry?

Tonya said...

I don't know that I was ready for summer to end, but my kids are seeming to love every minute of school so far too. Isn't it crazy how fast they do grow up? It was so weird taking Rylie to middle school this year. Woah! I like the pic of Emily in her kindergarten class:0)