Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Memory of Carol Zulu

I was first introduced to this sweet girl 4 years ago when Heather first went to Africa. She wrote home about a young girl, maybe 8 or 9 who had been sexually abused, had contracted aids because of this, and who had been found on her death bed. Mothers Without Borders took her in, got her the medical attention she needed at the time, and adopted her into their family. For the past 4 years she has been touching the hearts of all who come into contact with her, including mine.

Once she was brought to the orphanage, her health improved and she was able to live a decent life. She was well cared for, received an education and was no longer abused. Of course, this didn't eliminate all sorrow. She could not be healed from AIDS and continued to have the side effects. When I met her last summer, her energy level was low and she had lost eyesight in one of her eyes which effected her study. Heather was her roommate for the summer and would tell of Carol's struggles, her moaning and her throwing up.

When I asked Carol how she dealt with all of this, she gave me that huge, beautiful smile of hers, and let me know that God loved her and helped her find joy. Over and over she would share her testimony of God and His hand in her life. He sustained her in those difficult times.

A few weeks ago she contracted meningitis and because of her weak immune system, was unable to recover from it. She died in her sleep. The fight had finally ended.

What a blessing it was for me to have met and loved this child. Her testimony was more vibrant than anyone I have met and she helped me know what I need to do when my own trials come. Just smile, and praise God.

This first video is of Carol singing a song her mother used to sing to her.

In this video she shares what the song is about.

And in this one she sings one of her favorite songs. Carol, you fought a good fight, stayed true to your testimony and now your Savior has delivered you.

Heather told a beautiful story of Carol on her blog last year.


meganconser said...

I am sorry to hear she has passed, but imgaine the joy she is feeling right now! Thanks for sharing yours and her story.

Julie said...

So sweet! Thank you for sharing Carol's story. What a beautiful little girl. I love her voice and her gorgeous smile. What a sad loss for everyone, but what joy that she is free of her trials.

Stephanie said...

My goodness, I'm just weeping. What a sweet little girl, I just can't wait to get my chance to meet her.

Tonya said...

I remember seeing her videos at your house that one night. What a sweet, sweet little girl. What an amazing example she has set for us to follow. To see God's hand and praise Him even during our hardest times. That is testimony building for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea Lei said...

What a beautiful girl with a perfect smile! Thanks for sharing!

hedrad said...

Oh Heidi, bless you. I've been wanting to write something like this but haven't found the energy to do so. This post is beautiful.

Elisabeth said...

I am crying. She is in the sweet arms of our Heavenly Father. I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing.